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    High quality driving lessons with highly qualified instructor in and around Bingham

    95 passers comments

    Tom Dodge - Bingham

    Congratulations to Tom, who without doubt was only going to need one attempt at the driving test. A perfectionist! And when he becomes a ´traffic cop´, as he intends to, bad drivers are in for a very hard time.....

    Victoria Hurley - Bingham

    Congratulations to Victoria who passed first time.

    Gillian Turner - Bingham

    Many congratulations to Gillian who passed with just 2 minor driver faults on 24th Nov. Pass Plus booked for first week of Dec immediately prior to delivery of her new car.

    James Hornby - Plungar

    Great driving by excellent learner driver.

    Wayne Armstrong - Bingham

    Great early morning result, particularly under the pressure of knowing that his temporary job would not be made permanent if he did not pass!

    Grace Mcloughlin

    Congratulations to Grace who drove so brilliantly today (14 Sept 11), with hardly any minor faults on her driving test report, following a semi-intensive driving course.

    And she completed the Pass Plus course on 19th & 20th Sept, easily exceeding the minimum standard required. As expected, naturally!

    Edward Thomas

    Congratulations to Ed on a great result in January 2012

    Katie Fisher - Bingham

    Congratulations to Katie who matched her boyfriend´s first time pass (Jamie Mason)

    Jenny Clark - Cropwell Bishop

    Congratulations to Jenny who passed first time after taking some refrsher lessons following a year´s break in driver training to attend university in the USA.

    Natasha Oakes - Orston

    Congratulations to Natasha on her success

    Grace Bullas - Bingham

    Great result by Grace who passed easily after a semi-intensive course so she could depart a couple of days later for a few months at Camp America.

    Nick Price - Cropwell Butler

    Terrific drive around a Grantham test route. And Pass Plus completed during half-term October 2016.

    Grace Shaw - Bingham

    Brilliant result at the first attempt.

    Milli Chambers

    Brilliant drive, emulating sister Caroline´s result.

    Linda Marriott - Bingham

    First class drive.

    Samantha Purser - Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Samantha on her very intensive 7 day learning to drive course and first time pass success in Grantham

    Jonathan Gibson - Newton

    Super result for Jonathan who passed easily in Grantham on 23 July following a very intensive 7 day course of driver training.

    Sam Liley - Orston

    Congratulations to Sam on his success in semi-intensive course

    Caroline Chambers

    Congratulations Caroline, great drive.

    Aiden Woodhall

    Congratulations Aiden. Well worth the demanding semi-intensive course.

    Harriet Dexter - Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Harriet, a very confident and safe driver, emulating her 2 brothers

    Jeannine Hamlyn - Lowdham

    Jeannine, a learner with huge determination to succeed, but for nearly 2 years had not been able to find the right type of instructor with the necessary expertise to teach her in a style which maximized her potential and expectations. So she changed to 1stBingham and then it was success all the way, easily passing her test in February 2014. She is now doing Pass Plus and more advanced driving sessions. Many, many, congratulations to Jeannine on a job very well done.

    Hollie Monaghan - Cotgrave

    Congratulations to Hollie on her great success

    Gideon Marriott - Bingham

    Congratulations to Gideon, who emmulated his sister and mother in passing first time.

    Olivia Harrison

    Congratulations to Olivia for an absolutely PERFECT drive early afternoon on Saturday 17th September 2011.. A totally faultless driving test, following a semi-intensive training course...No stress! Even after having only 48 hours notice of the appointment, following cancellation of original (for the next week) by DSA. (11th PERFECT test result for 1stBinghamDrivingSchool)

    Lewis Hunter - Upper Saxondale

    Congratulations to Lewis for a superb drive

    Andrea Davis - Bingham

    A totally faultless drive! And did 3 reversing exercises, so very probably a unique driving test!

    Mark Lambourne - Bingham

    Superb drive by Mark.

    James Dawkins - Bingham

    Congratulations to James with a great result during the last week of December, just a few minor faults recorded.

    Laura Clark in Cotgrave

    Congratulations to Laura who had a very good drive during her test

    Savannah Fox - Bingham

    Great driving and result for early 2018

    Luke Bambridge - Plumtree

    Another great result by Luke having completed an intensive driving course. An addition to his successes on the tennis courts around the world.

    Catherine Craven - Radcliffe on Trent

    Congratulations to Catherine for excellent drive and pass result after a semi intensive course lasting 1 month

    Jenny Brooks

    Congratulations to Jenny on a first class performance with just two faults.

    Colin Williams

    Congratulations Colin. 9 days hard work intensive course, but obviously worth it for the result.

    Greg McLeod - Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Greg who had an excellent test drive

    Gabrielle Main - Cotgrave

    Many congratulations to Gabrielle on a first time pass in Colwick on 18 July after 10 months of very hard work.

    Lynda Deighton - Bingham

    Congratulations to Lynda, who after a break of 25 years from learning to drive, was inspired by her brother, Stephen Marshall, to give it ´one more go´.

    Joe Dennison - Barkstone le Vale

    First class result by Joe following some intensive lessons to complete his training course.

    Alicia Collinson - Aslockton

    Congratulations to Alicia who passed with ease in Colwick.

    Chandli Malde

    Many congratulations to Chandli who passed with just a few minor errors.

    David Marriott

    Congratulations to David who passed on 18th November

    Jamie Mason - Radcliffe on Trent

    Congratulations to Jamie who had only 3 minor faults, just one more than his mother did when she also passed first time

    Jack Taylor - Bingham

    Congratulations to Jack, who having had two previous appointments cancelled due to snow and fog, thought it a good idea to pass at the first attempt!

    Tom Roberts - Flintham

    Tom started his driving lessons at 16 years old, perfecting gear changing and all reversing manoeuvres on an off-road facility. He therefore found driving on the public roads quite easy when he first ventured on to them on his 17th birthday. A very quick learner! Easily passing first time in March 2014.

    Lawrence Poxon - Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Lawrence, who decided to pass at the first attempt! As recommended by his friend TomD. Lawrence is now driving his newly acquired ´very upmarket´ Mini. Safely, of course...

    Milli Jones - Bingham

    Result never in doubt!

    Emily Hall - Bleasby

    Brilliant driving by an outstanding international athlete, only 5 weeks after her 17th birthday.

    Lucy Parkinson

    Congratulations to Lucy for a great test drive, especially after being told that her scheduled examiner had gone home! However, the senior examiner elected to take her out on test, and she graciously sent him a 'thank you' card afterwards. Just two weeks earlier we had turned up for a test appointment only to be told it was cancelled!

    Christopher Dawkins - Bingham

    Easy first time pass.

    Amelia Caston

    ´Very nice drive´, said the examiner. And it certainly was, with only very few minor errors. Very well done, ´Milli´!

    Joe Robinson - Alverton

    Excellent result after a semi-intensive driver training course.

    Euan Clarke - Bottesford

    Congratulations to Euan on first time pass in Grantham, as did his brother and sister. Euan completed a semi intensive training course

    Oliver Murden

    Congratulations to Oliver who passed first time.

    Harvey Moorcroft - Bottesford

    First class result by Harvey whose determination to pass first time was unrivalled.

    Andrew Harrison

    Congratulations Andrew. Good idea to choose earliest

    test slot of the day.

    Lorna Hempshall - Radcliffe on Trent

    Congratulations to Lorna, an outstanding and naturally gifted driver

    James Bailey - Plungar

    Congratulations to James for a great test result in Grantham

    Karl Morgan - Bottesford

    Great result for Karl today, 30th October 2016.

    Stephen Marshall - Bingham

    Congratulations to Stephen on his superb drive and pass after a semi intensive course, especially after waiting 37 years for the opportunity!!!

    Kirsten Hay - Syerston

    Well done Kirsten. August 2016

    Phoebe Brydon - Hawksworth

    Excellent result on Christmas Eve, so double celebrations during the festive season.

    Lyn Elmer - Scarrington

    Congratulations to Lyn who passed first time after a break of twenty years from driving lessons!

    Sian & Cliff Tempest

    Twins Cliff & Sian both started driving 2 months before their 17th birthdays, perfecting all reversing skills, parking, gear changing, and emergency stops, in a large car park. Great drivers, one being first class and the other outstanding!

    Cullam Bartlett - Barnstone

    First class drive.

    Toby Mellor - Bottesford

    Great result for Toby, a calm confident drive during midday traffic in Grantham.

    Lauren Jackson

    Congratulations to Lauren who passed following a semi-intensive course completed over the recent school holiday.

    Lara West

    Congratulations Lara. A near perfect drive.

    Rowan Brown - Bingham

    Passed easily after an intensive 7 days training.

    James Hackett - Bottesford

    Congratulations to James who passed first time, despite a very late night the previous day!

    Shane Montgomery Bingham

    Shane decided to change from motorcycling to car driving and easily adapted, passing first time.

    Laura Rich - Bingham

    After several false starts at learning to drive, in the UK and Canada, Laura finally decided in late 2013 to get serious about it, which proved successful when she passed her test in April 2014. Congratulations, Laura.

    Kate Evans

    Congratulations to Kate on a first time pass.

    Joe Waldman - East Bridgford

    Congratulations to Joe who found his very early morning test relatively easy as he was well prepared

    Stephen Smith - Bingham

    Congratulations to Stephen on a great drive

    Vien Ross - Bingham

    Very well done to Vien, whose very sensible attitude to being a responsible driver is superb.

    Lucy Clark - Cropwell Bishop

    Congratulations to Lucy who had an immaculate drive, as expected, just like her brother did a couple of years ago.

    Emma Stubbs - Bingham

    Congratulations to Emma who passed after a semi intensive course.

    Philip Davis of Bingham

    Congratulations to Philip who emulated his 2 sisters with a first time pass

    Michael Massey - Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Michael who passed today, Monday 28th November 2011, in Grantham. Very worth while starting out at 7am to take the 8.10am early morning test. And with only two minor errors recorded by the examiner. Pass Plus course next week. There afterwards he will be driving himself to school every day in his black VW Golf, a 15 mile journey each way. Safely, of course!

    Meg Aslam - Bingham

    Many congratulations to Meg who becomes the 1000th learner to pass the driving test in my car.

    Daniel Lambourne - Bingham

    Excellent result, just like his brothers!

    Amy Smith - Whatton in the Vale

    Congratulations to Amy, who had travelled from Devon to learn during an intensive course

    Peter Woodward - Bingham

    Perfect result after a semi intensive course during summer holiday home from University, 2016.

    David Larkins

    Congratulations to David on a great result, with only three minor faults.

    Joe Whiting of Cropwell Butler

    Congratulations to Joe who passed with a near perfect drive

    Jennifer Davis - Cropwell Butler

    Great result and first time pass.

    Jake Holloway - Barnstone

    Excellent driving test result. Well done Jake.

    Joe Wilson - Long Clawson

    Excellent driving by Joe who was immediately keen to return home and drive his own car to work.

    Jennifer Webb - Radcliffe on Trent

    Many, many, congratulations to Jennifer who had a PERFECT drive with no faults!!! My 10th learner to achieve such a result.

    Kayleigh Clarke - Bottesford

    Superb test result!

    Paul Wroblewski of Bingham

    Congratulations to Paul who drove calmly and confidently during his early morning test

    Ben Haines - Radcliffe on Trent

    Excellent early morning result at Colwick test centre.

    James Ellis - - Bingham

    Many congratulations to James on his success in Grantham this morning.

    Rose Giles - Burton Joyce

    Congratulations to Rose for a great drive, followed by her purchasing a car and driving it to Birmingham city centre and back during her Pass Plus course

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