Ready to go?

Ready to go?

Choosing a layout

I've developed my sites so they are all compatible with all features and options. You don't even have to decide on a layout as you can change this while still in the demo stage (some packages allow you to change layout at any time). You can also change the site colour scheme, background images and more at any time with more options available for dfferent packages.

As I specialise in building websites for driving instructors, as well as your own editable content (home page, prices etc..), your site includes relevant managed content which is automatically updated for you. For example, if the show me tell me questions were to be changed by the DVSA I will update this on your site automatically. You can add your own text to show on these pages or remove them if entirely if you want,

Before you order

When you're ready to get a site made the whole process really is very straight forward.

To get started, simply complete the 'FREE Demo' form. You can start editing your demo right away through the control panel while we start work on the graphics graphics. The control panel can be a bit daunting at first as there is so much you can do in there so feel free to let us knwo any changes you would like us to do for e.g. to page text, prices etc.

There is no cost or obligation involved when you request a demo and you won't be getting any pushy sales calls (yes, I hate that too!).

Ordering your site and going live

If you are happy with the demo, you can order through the control panel and we always aim to have your site live within 2 working days!