Explainer Videos

'Explainer videos for websites & social media

All too often, explainer videos (aka whiteboard videos) look like they've been thrown together with no real care taken in their production. Getting one custom made can be very expensive so most you see will be template based with a logo, normally taken straight off a website, just thrown on at the end.

When you're trying to promote your driving school this just isn't good enough and can make your brand look amateur and 'cheap'

I am pleased to be able to offer an alternative which gives you the best of both worlds.. a professional, custom look video at a fantastic price!

Example 1

Example 2

Example - Intensive driving lessons

As these will be built individually, you can specify what features you want promoted with your choice of content text.

Where possible, you can send an original version of your logo (ideally in an 'unflattened' format but I'll work with what you have) and this will be adapted so it can be drawn in individual element as part of the animation rather than as a single item.

Background options

Choose the style you want

Payment and getting your video loaded

Cost for the video is now just £75, however, there may be an additional cost involved if you are unable to provide us with you logo in a suitable format.

You can order by paying direct bank transfer (preferred if possible) to Acc 09756618 sort 090129 or by card below. You will need to let us know your Facebook page address so we can get the photos and when ready, we will need Editorial access to your page to upload it (once uploaded, you can then download it to use wherever you like).

Info required

Once ordered, we will require some information from you and ideally a hi-resolution, unflattened copy of your logo.

'Explainer' video