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Cancellations and refunds

New sites

Because we offer a free draft and sites are approved prior to purchase, cancellations and refunds are not relevant.

In some circumstances, eg. if an option is ordered in error, a refund or alternative option can be arranged as long as we are informed immediately and appropriate work has not been started.


After the first year, flexible renewal options are available allowing your site service to be extended by for 2 year / 1 year / 6 month / 3 month or 1 month* at a time depending on what suits you at the time. No refunds are given.

*Payment by direct debit only


Refunds will be considered where a payment has been made in error e.g. where a duplicate payment has been made or payment has been made for an option that is already on the customers site. This will only be considered if we are notified within 48 hours of the payment having been made