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Traffic Signs Quiz Page
Traffic signs

The traffic signs page not only provides your visitors with useful information but can also be used as a real marketing tool on your site.

The page itself gives information on UK road signs and their meanings. When first opened it displays 20 common signs with multiple choice answers so the visitor can test their knowledge.

They can also have all the signs and meaning displayed if they want to.

This is a good way to encourage interaction on your site and hopefully encourage visitors to return, however, this can be also be used as a marketing tool.

If you offer a free first lesson e.g. 1st 2hr lesson for the price of one, you can use this page as a 'competition' whereby the visitor has to get a score of 18+ to get this free lesson. When they get a good enough score, they can then complete a form with name, telephone and email which is then emailed to you so you can contact them to book their first lesson.

Having it set in this way give the free lesson more 'worth' then if it was simply given away (even though they can take the quiz as many times as they like). Their contact info is only requested once they have got enough of the sign meaning correct so they don't feel pressured.

If used in this way, a message is displayed on the first page the visitor lands on which can either be hidden or clicked on to go straight to the quiz page.
Cost £45.00