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Diary And Booking Facility
This option adds a full diary facility directly on your website which you can manage straight from your control panel.

Create a ‘Call to action’ for your prospective pupils

You can also allow ‘guests’ to view your diary and if they click on an available lesson, it takes them to the contact form and automatically adds their preferred lesson date / time to the enquiry message.

Register your pupils

When a pupil starts learning with you, the facility allows you to register them so they can then log into your site, view available slots in real time and make bookings 24/7.

Your registered pupils can view their current bookings and, if the lesson is within the cancellation period you define, can cancel them online.

Automated reminders are sent which will significantly reduce the number of cancellations due to pupils forgetting they have a lesson booked!

There are simply too many features to list here but this is an overview

You can :
Pupils can view availability and book 24/7
Set your booking preferences eg. only allow 2 hour bookings
Reduce cancelations with automated reminders.
Keep lesson records for reference.
Online 'lesson reflection logs'
View & update pupils progress cards
Record basic and detailed test information
Record and track block payments.
*If you also have the Learning style option, this integrates with the diary so registered pupils who complete the questionnaire have their results automatically recorded and displayed in the diary .
Accounts option
Set standard lesson rates
Set special rates for individual pupils
Lesson automatically input into accounts
Add invoices for outgoings / other income
View monthly detailed accounts
View rolling monthly / yearly accounts
Export accounts for spreadsheet use
Data analysis
Analyse test records to identify common faults and trends
Archive info for future analysis
Reports that will allow you to analyse all saved info
Pupils can :
Book lessons directly on the site
Cancel lessons providing the lesson is within the cancelation deadline you set
View their forthcoming lessons directly from your site
Give lesson feedback by completing a 'Lesson reflection log'
View how you feel they are progressing with an online progress card OR
Update their progress cards to tell you how they feel they are progressing (you set this option)


The setup cost for this feature is £25* then £10/mth (plus SMS credits if you want text message reminders sent to your pupils as well as emails).

Cost £0.00