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    Are you ready to learn to drive?

    Then you will want a Driving Instructor who will give you a great chance of passing your driving test 1st time! (2017 First Time Pass Rate of 95%).

    If you want to start learning with a friendly, patient and experienced Driving Instructor who will give you high quality driving lessons then you are in just the right place!

    I am Leslie Dalzell, an independent, fully qualified DOE Approved Driving Instructor. Being an independent Instructor allows me to offer a more flexible method of teaching learner drivers with lessons tailored to suit the individual pupil. This means that you will be taught at the best pace to suit you which will result in you requiring fewer lessons then may otherwise have been necessary.

    All my driving lessons are conducted with a calm and patient manner which puts even the most nervous learner drivers at ease very quickly.

    I look forward to speaking with you soon.


    54 passers comments

    Natalie Lovell

    5 Star Driving Instructor! Highly recommend this man to everyone. He give me loads of confidence, was very friendly and explained everything I needed to know! Best of all though I PASSED FIRST TIME!! Thank you, very, very, very much!!!

    Thomas O'Donnell

    Learning with Leslie was a good experience, he´s dead on and a laugh but also a thorough teacher. He was understanding of my schedule and accommodated my lessons to suit. I passed first time!!

    Angelika Staszewska

    Highly recommend The L Factor School of Motoring! Leslie was the second instructor I had learnt with and I have to say I am really pleased as to how good an instructor he was. He is a calm, helpful, patient, friendly instructor and will help you with anything you may be struggling with. If you want to pass your driving test first time like me, then I highly recommend him!

    Clark Snyder

    I want to thank Leslie Dalzell of The L Factor School of Motoring for preparing me for both the theory and practical driving tests. His expert tuition and engaging personality made possible my transition from decades of driving in America to my current full UK driving licence.

    I´m glad I followed Leslie´s advice regarding when I´d developed the skills required for the practical test. I was able to take the test confident that I could pass which allowed me to calmly follow the examiners directions and return to the test centre for the good news from the examiner.

    I highly recommend The L Factor School of Motoring to anyone pursuing their UK driving licence.

    Anthony Angelone

    Fantastic driving Instructor, very thorough and helpful throughout the lessons. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

    Zac Lockhart

    Leslie is a fantastic driving instructor. He is both friendly and professional and explains things clearly. His positive attitude and encouragement really helped to build my confidence while driving. I very much enjoyed my lessons with Leslie and would highly recommend The L Factor to anyone in and around the Greater Lisburn area who would like to learn to drive.

    Nicola Stevenson

    I´m so glad I took my driving lessons with The L Factor. Leslie was very patient and informative and as a result I passed first-time. If you´re looking to learn to drive, Leslie is your guy! Thank you very much.

    Rebecca Crossthwaite

    I can´t thank Leslie enough for being such a great instructor! I was absolutely terrified of driving and definitely never thought I´d pass first time, but I did and it´s all thanks to him, now I´m always making up excuses to drive somewhere!! I would recommend him to anyone, such a patient instructor and so easy to get on with. He made me feel a lot more confident and comfortable with my driving. Thank you.

    Misha Piracha

    Although I was really nervous about learning to drive, Leslie put me at ease straightaway and built my confidence a lot, as well as making the lessons enjoyable with his great sense of humour. He was always punctual, helpful and so knowledgeable! His positive attitude, encouragement and excellent teaching skills made the whole process much easier. Leslie is an incredible driving instructor, he went out of his way to make sure that I was completely ready for the test. I highly recommend Leslie to anyone who is wanting to pass their driving test the first time!

    Kelsea Knox

    The L Factor is the place you want to go if you want to pass your test quickly but with high quality. So happy I chose to drive with Leslie and I couldn´t be happier with the outcome.

    Sarah Preston

    I passed my driving test first time after not knowing what to expect of my ability. I would like to thank Leslie for his excellent tuition! I couldn´t have passed without his patience and dedication. I would highly recommend Leslie to anyone who needs a good Instructor! Thanks again Leslie!!

    Joshua McCready

    Had a great time learning to drive with Leslie. He was calm, patient and good crack throughout. I would really recommend him to anyone!

    Angus McKeown

    A brilliant driving instructor that delivers a professional, friendly and reliable service.

    Sophie Williams

    Thank you so much for everything! Brilliant driving instructor, will highly recommend you to all my friends.

    Petra Reid

    I am so glad I learnt with The L Factor. Leslie explained things in simple little steps, which made manoeuvres etc. much easier to comprehend. He was also very patient whenever I got them wrong and was always ready to explain again to me, whenever I asked. He doesn´t just want you to pass a test but to drive the best you can, which is so important. Thanks Leslie!

    Ryan Campbell

    Such a good teacher, always calm and trusting and makes sure you take your test when you feel ready for it. Very reliable and knows exactly how to help you whenever you go wrong.

    Cherith McKeown

    I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons, despite feeling so nervous about driving again. Leslie assessed my driving from the beginning and was able to correct bad habits and teach me everything I needed to know in order to pass my test first time. He´s very flexible and aimed to give lessons when it suited my schedule. Fantastic driving instructor! I´d highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get their test done and dusted.

    Vicky Warren

    I want to say a huge thank you to Leslie at The L Factor for helping me get through my driving test. I passed 1st time and only started in January. I was especially nervous of roundabouts but Leslie helped me gain the confidence. I would strongly recommend Leslie as an Instructor as his relaxed and calming methods helped me a great deal. I passed on 16th March. Thank you again, 10 out of 10!

    Natasha Crumlish

    I´m so glad a friend recommended The L Factor to me. Leslie is a great instructor and really helped keep me calm through the first few lessons. He´s very flexible with his hours and will make sure you get more than your moneys worth in each lesson. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Cameron Mack

    I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Leslie. He was always more than willing to answer any questions I had, which really helped me understand how driving works and helped me become a confident driver. He never made me feel bad about making mistakes, was always positive about my driving and is a great guy all round. Thanks Leslie!

    John O'Donnell

    Leslie was helpful and informative throughout my driving experience which help me pass first-time. Leslie made me feel calm and relaxed, we always had a good laugh. Pick The L Factor, he´s the best!

    Jodi Clarke

    Highly recommend The L Factor! Leslie was a great Driving Instructor, very patient and friendly and put me at ease from the first lesson. He made me feel confident and comfortable with my driving. Thanks to his great teaching I passed first time also!!

    Paul Totten

    I would highly recommend Leslie as a Driving Instructor to anyone. He is a good teacher and explains everything in a way which is easy to understand. I passed my test first time with only 1 minor fault thanks to him. He is also a very nice guy to talk to during the lesson which makes it more comfortable and put me as a student at ease. Great Instructor!

    Rachel McIlroy

    I was so nervous starting to learn how to drive and had no confidence at all getting behind the wheel, especially learning with a stranger. A friend recommended Leslie and it was the best decision I could have made!

    Leslie is a brilliant instructor, he is very patient and enthusiastic and is very reasonable with his time and prices. If you´re looking for am amazing driving instructor I would DEFINITELY recommend The L Factor to anyone!!!!

    Adam Preston

    Leslie is a very calm and patient instructor and advised me throughout both my theory and practical tests. He is very easy to get on with and you can have a good laugh with him. I would recommend The L Factor to any other learner as it has a much more personal touch than the bigger driving schools.

    Kenneth Boyd

    I am so glad I found The L Factor while looking online for a driving instructor. Leslie is an excellent instructor, he helps to keep you calm on your first couple of lessons because I think everyone is nervous when starting to learn to drive. I would highly recommend him to all my friends or anyone looking for a good instructor with a brilliant first-time pass rate. Thanks Leslie, for all your hard work.

    Shannen Dickson

    Picking a driving instructor is so hard nowadays as there are so many to choose from! However, going with The L Factor was the best decision I could have made. I stepped into the car for the first time not knowing what to expect, I could feel the butterflies but soon felt at ease. I began my lessons with very little confidence and told myself I was never going to pass. My confidence had been shattered by my previous instructor but after a few weeks with Leslie that soon changed. Leslies hard work helped me regain my confidence and I went on to pass my test first time. Even now, several months after passing he still waves at me as we pass each other, which makes me smile.

    Alice Mulholland

    Throughout my driving lessons Leslie was professional and friendly. He made everything easy to understand as well as helping me to become more confident in my driving abilities. I would highly recommend Leslie as a driving instructor.

    Scott Coates

    "If you´re looking for a driving instructor who is thorough, has a great first-time pass rate, reasonable prices, flexible time slots and can have a laugh with, then sign yourself up for The L Factor. You won´t regret it, I know I don´t."

    Lea Suarez Quintana

    I had many choices when I got my provisional and I definitely made the right decision in learning with The L Factor. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Leslie is so patient and informative and doesn´t mind a wee chat during a lesson. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel from the very first day right through until I passed my test. It´s thanks to him that I passed first time!

    Jack McCourt

    Excellent service. I passed my driving test first time in under 4 months thanks to Leslie´s patience and advice. He offered flexible hours and was very reliable. I learnt a lot. Highly recommended!

    Dave Gandey

    I moved over to Northern Ireland from England just under a year ago to live with my girlfriend and had very little driving experience and knew next to no-one. Leslie took me under his wing and through his guidance I managed to pass my driving test first time with ease. With Leslie, you really gain a mentor who believes in you and guides you all the way. Thank you so much for everything.

    Robbie Bell

    Excellent Driving School at a brilliant price. Would recommend to anyone.

    Chloe Dyer

    I was so nervous about taking driving lessons with a complete stranger until a friend recommended Leslie, it was the best decision I have ever made. As soon as I stepped into the car for the first time it was as if I had known him for ages. The conversation never died. I began my lessons with very little confidence, however, that soon changed throughout the weeks with Leslie. He always knows how to cheer you up, even without trying and his jokes and enthusiasm helped me through hard times. So, if you want a driving instructor who makes you comfortable behind the wheel and has a lot of patience then pick The L Factor, it will be the best decision you´ll ever make!

    David Brolly

    Learning with The L Factor allows you to develop at your own pace under fully professional supervision. Punctuality was never a problem with Leslie, he arrived on time for every lesson and my money was put to great use with his exceptional pricing! It feels a daunting task to take the wheel of a car but Leslies banter and enthusiasm made my experiences very calm and I never dreaded a lesson. His first-time pass rate speaks volumes of his service. I can honestly find no faults in learning with The L Factor.

    Rachel Pollock

    I passed 1st time with Leslie. He is extremely patient and takes time to help you through anything you may be struggling with. There is no pressure from him. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Chris Scott

    Top Class Driving School! Learn the right way at a brilliant price. Highly recommended!

    Lydia Bell

    I´m glad I chose to learn to drive with The L Factor. I was taught how to drive confidently and deal with unexpected situations that occur on the road. Leslie was always punctual and never let me down. He teaches manoeuvres in a methodical and easy to understand way. I passed my test 1st time in just 3 months. Leslie taught both me and my brother (who also passed 1st time) and my mum is so pleased with the outcome. She knows we are both confident and safe drivers. Thank you Leslie!

    Ethan Cheuk

    Leslie is a great driving instructor, whom I would highly recommend. I was worried about learning how to drive and dreaded the very thought of it. However, Leslie was very reassuring and gave me the confidence to do it. I passed 1st time too!

    Tamasin Lennon

    Learning to drive with Leslie was a great decision. He is a very patient and helpful instructor and will teach you everything you need to know, not only to pass your test but to drive confidently and safely for life!

    Matthew Finlay

    If you would like to learn from a driving instructor who provides a quality learning experience, who can put at ease the most nervous of learner drivers, including myself, to the point where you can confidently drive on the road then Mr Leslie Dalzell is your man. I passed first time and I have Leslie to thank for that. Thank You Sir!

    Ben Connell

    Leslie is a very thorough driving instructor, he always makes time for a lesson and has good knowledge about the practical assessment for getting your driving licence. Leslie helped me pass my test first time with very few minors.

    David Maze

    I had a great time learning to drive with Leslie. He has fantastic patience and a great understanding of every kind of situation (he needed to have to teach me!!). I felt very at ease and confident with his teaching. Not only will you have a great teacher but you will have a great laugh and the fact that you can be yourself makes the daunting thought of learning to drive a lot less scary. I am delighted with the outcome and I would really recommend Leslie to anyone considering learning to drive!

    Chloe Lyttle

    Learned to drive with The L Factor and I was so nervous behind the wheel, however, Leslie´s efficient teaching quickly put me at ease. I thought I would never be able to drive but four and a half months later I passed my test 1st time. I couldn´t have done it without Leslie.

    Jon Loney

    A brilliant Instructor, great rates, funny guy and Man Utd supporter too, what more could anyone want!!!

    Jenifer Sesumichael

    Learning to drive with Leslie was a pleasure as he is an excellent instructor and explains tasks efficiently and makes them easy to understand. Driving wasn´t something that came naturally to me, but Leslie was patient enough to help me throughout the whole process, though it meant doing the same thing over and over again until I perfected it. He is one of those very few instructors who doesn´t mind spending extra time with you past your lesson hours to make sure you have got a task right.

    Thank you very much for getting me through my test as you know how badly I needed to start driving.

    Learning to drive with Leslie was a great experience he knew how to make me relax and how to make a driving lesson fun and enjoyable. I have learnt a lot about being a safe and careful driver and will carry that with me through my driving in the future. Thank you again for your time and most of all helping me to pass.

    If you want to learn to drive with an instructor who teaches you safe driving with flexible hours and also have fun The L Factor is the place to go!!

    Pearce Braiden

    Great Instructing. This was a fun though safe experience with Leslie. He provides great knowledge and a thorough detail of all aspects of driving. He prepared me so I was confident throughout my test. I passed 1st time too! Thank you.

    Rachel-Ann Gourley

    Leslie is a professional, patient and informative instructor. 5 out of 5 for the whole learning experience. Would definitely recommend him!

    Dominic Harkins

    I´m so glad I chose The L Factor when I was looking to find a good driving instructor. If you want an instructor who is very flexible, thorough and motivating then look no further! I really enjoyed my lessons and Leslie helped me to keep calm and focused right through to my test. Can´t believe I passed first time! Definitely worth every penny. Thanks Leslie!

    David Galway

    The L Factor School of Motoring has been a blessing from day one, as soon as you get into the vehicle you know you´re bring taught to a professional standard. Leslie keeps you right from your first lesson until your last. He delivers great advice and methods to successfully completing each manoeuvre through to experiencing all potential test routes allowing you to be prepared for all unexpected circumstances you may encounter on the road. I passed 1st time with only 1 minor. I highly recommend his services to all who are eager to learn in a safe and professional manner.

    Lisa Shannon

    Learning with The L Factor give me the confidence I needed when learning to drive. Leslie was encouraging and patient and with all his support and help I feel very confident and safe behind the wheel. He was always punctual and generous with his time at very reasonable prices. It has been a great experience and know all his future pupils will feel the same as I do. Highly recommended!

    Peter Smylie

    Leslie is a very professional driving instructor. I definitely recommend The L Factor to anyone who needs a good instructor. The L Factor taught me very important skills that a previous instructor didn´t. 10 out of 10!

    Gillian McLauchlan

    So glad to have learned to drive with The L Factor! Leslie is a lovely man and an absolutely fantastic instructor. Extremely patient and helpful. He managed to get me through my test first time and built my confidence up while driving. Couldn´t recommend him highly enough!

    Cory Spence

    The L Factor was excellent for me! My lessons were affordable, easily scheduled and very informative. Leslie´s teaching style was brilliant as it allowed me to learn all I needed to know calmly and effectively. I have highly recommended The L Factor to my friends and will continue to do so.

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