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    The North Staffs Driving Instructor Association (NSDIA) is a pro-active group of driving instructors, who came together to further their knowledge and skills in all matters related to the driver training industry.

    The group was created in 2012 by Salma Ra who is the elected Chairperson of the NSDIA.

    Aims And Objectives

    The group aims to give instructors an opportunity to meet on a monthly basis, to discus changes in legislation, training issues and future developments in the industry.

    Memberhip Benefits

    Membership of the group entitles the member to attend monthly meetings and meet other instructors, regular guest speakers from the industry give you valuable information to enhance an instructors CPD.

    Locally negotiated discounts with various suppliers and service providers are also available to group members.

    See the membership benefits page for a full list of benefits.

    When Do We Meet ?

    The group meet on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-9 pm.

    See the NSDIA meetings page for details of the next meeting.


    Sandyford Community Fire Station.

    Passers gallery - 9 entries

    February 2013

    nsdia2017 February 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Guest speaker from the DSA John Sheridan (Assistant Chief Driving Examiner)

    Talking about DSA and its plans towards (Client Centred Learning) CCl

    Update on the proposed changes to the Check Test.

    March 2013

    nsdia2017 March 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Susan McCormack from Tri-Coaching Partnership

    June 2013

    nsdia2017 June 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Peter Johnson from Staffs Safer Roads Partnership

    July 2013

    nsdia2017 July 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Terry Squires DSA DTAM

    Updates on the DSA and the new standards test

    September 2013

    nsdia2017 September 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Mike Frisby from the DIA

    October 2013

    nsdia2017 October 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Iain Moore giving a well received talk on Fleet and advanced driving.

    November 2013

    nsdia2017 November 2013 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association A full house for a talk from John Sheridan from the DSA

    March 2014

    nsdia2017 March 2014 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Sgt Steve Deall gave a very interesting talk on the work of the forensic crash investigation unit

    October 2015

    nsdia2017 October 2015 passed with North Staffs Drivng Instructor Association Fatal 4 presentation

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    Driving instructor criminal record check changes

    Monday, 24 June 2013

    The DSA has announced changes to the way that it administers criminal record checks.

    From 17 June 2013, the DSA won’t be sent a copy of your criminal record check when you’ve applied for it.

    This means that you’ll be the only person who gets a copy of the certificate.

    The DSA will still see an electronic record of whether your criminal record check has anything recorded on it or not, but won’t be able to see what’s actually listed on it.

    Send your certificate to the DSA

    The DSA will write to you to ask you to post your certificate if it has anything listed on it. You must send the original – you can’t send a copy. This will then be returned to you.

    Your application to become an approved driving instructor, renew your registration or re-register could be delayed if you don’t send your certificate as soon as the DSA asks for it.

    You don’t need to send your certificate unless the DSA tells you to.

    Old and minor offences

    The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has announced that it will be removing certain specified old and minor offences from criminal record certificates from 29 May 2013.

    Tackling the menace of drug driving


    Plans to make it easier to prosecute those who drive under the influence of illegal drugs have been published today by Roads Minister Stephen Hammond.

    In January 2012 the government announced that it would be introducing a new offence of driving with a specific controlled drug in the body above the specified limit for that drug. The consultation published today (9 July 2013) puts forward proposals on the drugs to be included in the legislation and the limits to be specified. The proposals follow a report published in March this year by a panel of medical and scientific experts which provided advice to the government on drug driving.

    The new offence will reduce the wasted time, expense and effort involved for the police and the courts when prosecutions fail because of the difficulty of proving that a driver is impaired by a particular drug.

    Stephen Hammond said:

    "Drug driving is a menace which devastates families and ruins lives. That is why we are proposing to take a zero tolerance approach with those who drive under the influence of illegal drugs and sending a clear message that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

    "We have also put forward our proposals for dealing with drivers who use specific prescribed drugs. We know that the vast majority of people who use these drugs are doing so responsibly and safely and that is why our approach does not unduly penalise drivers who have taken properly prescribed medicines.

    "Together, these proposals will make our roads safer for everyone by making it easier for the police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs and clarifying the position for those who take medication."

    RAC technical director David Bizley said:

    "We welcome the government’s move to bring increasing levels of clarity to driving on illegal drugs and prescription medication, something that is very much needed.

    We all know that driving under the influence of drugs is extremely dangerous an

    Revised ADI code of practice

    The revised code, which is voluntary, has been drafted by some of the associations representing ADIs. It’s a framework within which all instructors should work.

    Professional standards

    The code has been accepted and welcomed by DSA.

    Mark Magee, ADI Registrar, said:

    “DSA and the driving instruction industry place great emphasis on professional standards and business ethics.

    “I’m particularly pleased that the new code has been drafted by those representing ADIs. I’d encourage all ADIs to sign up to the code as a way of showing their commitment to providing a professional service to their clients.”

    How to sign up to the code

    You can sign up to the code using online instructor services.

    You can also show your commitment to doing at least 7 hours of continuing professional development each year.

    DSA has updated the online service so you can now show your commitment to both of these separately. Until now, you had to agree to both together.

    These commitments are then shown to learner drivers on the ‘find your nearest driving instructor’ service on GOV.UK.

    You’ll need to update your registration to show either of these commitments, even if you’ve done it before. They won’t show on the ‘find your nearest’ service until the day after you’ve updated your registration.

    ADi qualification consultation


    Plans to improve the qualification process for driving instructors have been announced by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

    Around 50% of those training to become an ADI never go on to fully qualify. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is consulting on a range of proposals to modernise the way in which people qualify to become approved driving instructors (ADIs).

    New vocational qualification

    Proposals include the option of replacing the existing DSA qualifying tests with a new vocational qualification. This would:

    be delivered by approved training centres and assessed by an external awarding organisation

    incorporate transferable credits that trainees could carry forward to other vocational qualifications, allowing for better job mobility

    be aligned with DSA’s national standards that set out what skills are needed to be an effective driving instructor

    reflect any changes introduced as a result of the government’s upcoming green paper on young drivers

    The consultation also includes a proposal to reform the trainee licence scheme which allows trainee instructors to gain experience by giving paid tuition before they are fully qualified.

    Under the new plans, trainees would only be able to give paid tuition when accompanied by a fully qualified instructor.

    Vital role in road safety

    Stephen Hammond said:

    "Driving instructors play a vital role in helping to make Great Britain’s roads some of the safest in the world. We want to build on the excellent work that is already being done by making sure that the qualification process for instructors incorporates the latest teaching methods and best practice.

    "This will help to further improve driver training, and supports our wider plans to ensure that learners and newly qualified drivers are properly prepared for the road."

    DSA and Vosa to merge

    Thursday, 20 June 2013

    The government has announced that the DSA and Vosa will be merged from 2014.

    The transition period will begin in July with the establishing of a transition board under the direction of Vosa chief executive Alastair Peoples. DSA chief executive Rosemary Thew has already announced that she is to step down from 30 June.

    The move will bring the maintaining of driver and vehicle standards on UK roads under one roof.

    Road safety minister Stephen Hammond said: ‘We need to make sure that we continue to keep pace with customers´ needs and deliver services in a way which is both convenient and cost effective.?These changes will put customers at the heart of the services they rely on and allow for a more coherent approach to service delivery.

    ‘By bringing testing and standards services into a single organisation we will make life easier for customers and potentially reduce the fees we charge. Staff at the DSA and Vosa do a great job in delivering for customers every day and we will work closely with them to support them through these changes.’

    The merger news follows the conclusion of the motoring services strategy, which ran from December to March, and suggested cutting the number of government agencies in order to save money. It is not yet known how much money is expected to be saved by the latest measure.

    Merged Vosa/DSA head is ex-examiner

    Thursday, 20 June 2013

    The new head of the combined DSA/Vosa agency, Alastair Peoples, is an ex-driving test examiner and was operations director of the DVA in Northern Ireland having worked as an examiner for ‘a number of years’.

    Peoples took part in the driving examiner training course at Cardington after joining the civil service in 1978. He has been with Vosa since 2004.

    Since taking over as chief executive of the vehicle standards regulator, Peoples has overseen modernisation of the department and introduced new measures such as electronic MOT certificates and a commitment to have more than 75% of Vosa tests conducted at non-Vosa sites by 2015.

    He will now oversee the merging of Vosa and the DSA, heading up the transition board that will be set in place at the beginning of July.

    National Driver Standards



    Green paper delayed

    Friday, 21 June 2013

    The government is delaying publication of its green paper on young drivers until the autumn, the Department for Transport has confirmed.

    There has already been considerable debate and conjecture on the content of the consultation document before it was even released, but the DfT says that it wants more time to decide on what it should include in the green paper.

    A DfT spokeswoman said: ‘It’s an important piece of work and we want to consider all of the issues thoroughly before going to consultation.’ She denied that the delay was anything to do with the recently announced merger between the DSA and Vosa.

    It is expected that the green paper will now be published in October, following the party conference season. It was originally planned for publication in the spring and then confirmed for 10 June before today´s announcement.

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