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    Metdrive is an independent driving School established in 2003 with an excellent reputation.

    Based in Marston Moretaine, Metdrive caters for all your driving education requirements.

    Run by myself, Iain Metcalfe, I offer a range of driving lessons and courses all tailored to the individual pupil so you know you will be taught at a pace that best suits you.

    In addition to learner lessons, I also offer Pass Plus, motorway and refresher courses for anyone who already has their licence but wants to improve skills and confidence.

    Our services also include hazard perception training and motorway lessons. I welcome students of all ages and abilities including complete beginners and nervous pupils.

    My one-to-one tuition is delivered in a calm and friendly way and I have excellent pass rates.

    I will teach you the skills required to become a confident and competent driver so why not call today and get on the road to your licence

    184 passers comments

    Matthew from Marston

    "Iain is a great driving instructor, who made learning to drive easy and enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I passed first time, and all credit goes to Iain."

    Bradley from Marston

    "Thanks for teaching me to pass the practical!"

    Daniel from Cranfield

    "Iain is an excellent driving instructor, he makes you feel confident and at ease. He has an excellent way of getting his advice across without making you feel down. I look forward to seeing you around Iain."

    Gary from Kempston

    "Thank you for all your help and helping me to pass my test. And thanks for Vicky recommending you, as I would recommend you u to everyone."

    Bethany from Wootton

    "Iain is an excellent driving instructor, and because of that, I passed first time!"

    Chloe from Marston

    "Thank you Iain for all your help. Passed first time and I can´t wait start driving by myself!"

    Callum from Flitwick

    "Iain is a great driving instructor who has taught me everything I´ll need to know about driving, in few lessons, and precisely. Highly recommended."

    Sam from Maulden

    "Thank you for everything Iain. I have learnt so much during our lessons. You made every lesson enjoyable and calmed my nerves greatly. I can´t thank you enough for helping me pass my test, 1st time as well! Cheers man. :) I will highly recommend you to everyone :)

    James from Marston Moretaine.

    "Thought Iain was a great instructor and I always felt comfortable and happy whilst driving. After buying my own car we transferred into that for lessons, which was obviously very helpful for me, as after I'd passed I already had plenty of experience. Overall I really enjoyed my lessons, and would be happy to recommend Metdrive to anyone."

    Jake from Cranfield

    "Iain´s lessons were always something to look forward to, not only for the driving but for the banter and laughs you know would come with it. Unlike other instructors, Iain sees you as a friend, as opposed to a customer which really makes a difference to your attitude and confidence on the road. Thank you so much for all help and patience Iain, very highly recommended!"

    Rachel from Marston

    "Thank you for being the amazing instructor that you are, helping me to pass first time! I have recommended you to all the year below! I know business will always be busy for you. Thank you again."

    Paul from Houghton Conquest

    "Thank you for being an amazing driving instructor Iain. I really enjoyed all the lessons. Thanks for helping me pass my test first time, what more could I want? Glad the test is over, but I will certainly miss your company and your banter!"

    Beccy from Kempston

    "Iain is a great instructor and very professional. I always felt comfortable and confident when driving. I would recommend him to anyone."

    Bethan from Wilden

    "I enjoyed my lessons with Iain as he quickly made me feel at ease and boosted my confidence whilst driving. He is very patient and made the lessons fun while always making sure I was focussed. I would highly recommend Metdrive."

    Jordan from Lidlington

    "Thank you for getting me through. You were great."

    Matt from Bedford

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Metdrive and would highly recommend Iain to any potential learner. Although not having any previous driving experience I quickly gained the confidence and skill which helped me develop into a competent driver. Lessons with Iain were relaxed and flexibly tailored to suit my progression. Iain has a friendly sense of humour which makes lessons entertaining! I was impressed with how Metdrive made it possible to fit my driving lessons around my school timetable. Also, the encouragement I received made me feel confident going into the driving test and was key to my first time success. Thanks Iain!'

    Lucy from Cranfield

    "Iain is a brilliant instructor! Without him I wouldn't have been able to pass first time, AND with only one minor! I am buzzin!"

    Jack from Wootton

    "Thanks Iain, you were a real help with my driving. I got there eventually!"

    Ryan from Marston

    "Iain was a great driving instructor. He was calm at all times, and funny, and had good banter."

    Emily from Lidlington

    "Iain is a very patient and constructive driving instructor who is really easy to get on with. If you´re nervous about learning he´ll make you feel at ease straight away. Thanks for all your help Iain."

    Robson from Cranfield

    "Thank you so much for everything Iain, you are an amazing instructor and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone."

    Claudia from Rushden

    "Iain is a fantastic driving instructor! I passed my test first time, and remembering where I started from, I never imagined that I would be able to! Iain is patient and calm and really helped me develop my driving skills. I would definitely recommend Metdrive!"

    Emma from Cranfield

    "Iain is very reliable, understanding and patient. I would definitely recommend Metdrive."

    Jessica from Marston

    "Iain is a brilliant driving instructor. He´s very patient and calm, making you feel comfortable and at ease from start to finish. I couldn´t have picked a better instructor to help me pass first time. Highly recommended. Thank you iain."

    Hannah from Marston

    "Learning to drive with Metdrive was the best decision I´ve made. The lessons were always fun and Iain was always very patient. I went into my test feeling very confident. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much!"

    Bethan from Wootton

    "Iain is a meticulous perfectionist who inspired confidence in me. Alongside that he was great fun, with hilarious banter. I thoroughly recommend him."

    Aaron from Cranfield

    "Thanks for everything Iain, you believed in me and gave me a lot of confidence in my driving. Top guy. Cheers."

    Anthony from Bedford

    "Iain is a great teacher. He taught me well and improved my driving massively."

    Craig from Cranfield

    "I found my first driving lessons to be slightly challenging at the beginning, but with Iain's help and patience he put me at ease, and helped me to pass, and develop into a good driver. Iain is a top bloke who helps you relax and makes your driving lessons enjoyable, while at the same time helping you to gain confidence on the road."

    Lara from Cranfield

    "Thank you for your patience and fab driving instructing. As you know I was quite nervous at first but your sense of humour and great lessons got me through - couldn´t have done it without you! I´ll definitely recommend you! I will miss our lessons!"

    Oscar from Marston

    "Enjoyed every lesson, had many laughs, great instructor, would recommend to anyone learning to drive."

    Paige from Bedford

    "Thank you so much Iain! I feel so happy, can´t wait to get car now :) "

    Lizzy from Marston Moretaine

    "Iain is a very friendly instructor, really puts you at your ease with your driving. I would definitely recommend him to everyone."

    Emma from Wootton

    "Iain is encouraging and enthusiastic right from the start. His great sense of humour means the lessons were always enjoyable! He uses really good methods to help you remember things. I always felt like I was improving by the hour. He is very supportive and a brilliant teacher."

    Jonny from Kempston

    "Iain is an awesome driving instructor! He is very patient and calm. He´s also really easy to get on with. You will have great difficulty finding someone better to teach you! I would highly recommend Iain!"

    Toby from Wootton.

    "A comfortable atmosphere and laid back style made it easy for me to progress and pass my test."

    Zack from Cranfield

    "Great instruction, good car to learn in and a fabulous standard of driving."

    Mike from Great Barford

    "Iain offers a fantastic service, he's a really nice guy, and thanks to him I passed first time. What more can I say?"

    Daniel from Marston

    "Iain is a down to earth type guy, he respects you and is an individual with a great sense of humour. He knows the skills and techniques that the DSA require you to learn and know in order for you to pass your test. Thanks Iain. Top driving instructor! ;) "

    Jamie from Marston

    "Was a pleasure to have you as my instructor. Would highly recommend you to others."

    Louis from Box End, Kempston

    "Iain has been a fantastic driving instrtuctor. I started as quite a nervous driver, but he soon boosted my confidence and we had a laugh along the way. Fantastic guy who never lost his cool when I made mistakes. Thanks for everything Iain."

    Cain from Houghton Conquest

    "Cheers Iain! Great instructor, very calm and gives off good vibes. Great banter as well."

    Matthew from Marston

    "Iain is a great driving instructor who goes the extra mile. I Can´t recommend him enough."

    Harry from Bedford

    "Metdrive did exactly what was promised. I was eager to get my test booked and passed, and Iain wasted no time in establishing where I was with my driving ability. His calm and thorough approach made sure I picked up the correct habits, and the mock tests were effective in making me feel fully prepared for the real thing. Highly recommended."

    George from Bedford

    "Great teacher, great instructor and now a great friend. Really helpful and very easy to work with."

    Max from Wootton

    "Iain is an excellent instructor. He is very calm and enthusiastic, which helped me progress quickly and feel at ease while driving. I would recommend Metdrive to anyone."

    Claire from Marston

    "Iain is a very friendly and easy-going man, always happy to tell you something again and again if you don´t understand. If I was asked who would I do my lessons with again, I would say Iain. Once again, thank you so much."

    Aiden from Kempston.

    "Thank you Iain for getting me through 1st time." :)

    Charlie from Houghton

    "Thanks for the lessons Iain, and all the support. Top quality instructor."

    Hollie from Wootton

    "Anyone looking for a calm, respected and experienced instructor, Iain is the man! After coming from another instructor where I didn´t progress, I found myself enjoying lessons and learning all the time!

    Fantastic instructor and a first time pass!

    Couldn´t have done it without you! Thank you very much Iain, my siblings will be up next! "

    Rory from Kempston

    "Iain isn´t just a great driving instructor, he´s a great guy too. I couldn´t imagine learning to drive with anyone else."

    Kyle from Cranfield

    "Iain is an excellent instructor and very friendly. He lets you learn at your own pace and makes you feel calm and confident each lesson. Thanks to Iain I passed my test first time!Definitely recommend him! Thank you iain!"

    Lewis from Cranfield

    "Iain was a very good driving instructor, very helpful and supportive. I passed first time. Many thanks Iain"

    Nathan from Marston

    "Very good teacher, very considerate to the pupil, very easy to get on with, supportive and I felt very relaxed while learning. Would recommend 100%."

    Hayley from Bedford

    "I would highly recommend Iain as a driving instructor to anyone. He is not only a top guy but patient and understanding even in those moments of stress! Couldn´t have passed without him."

    Ryan from Wooton

    "I passed first time! And although I miss our fun lessons I love driving my new car! I´m looking forward to driving on the motorway with you this weekend!"

    Nick from Cranfield

    "Iain is a fantastic instructor, who makes you feel at ease and is very patient. His lessons are both enjoyable and productive and this made passing my test a lot easier."

    Nick from Marston Moretaine

    "With Metdrive I was able to develop my confidence and skill as a driver, due to well structured lessons and friendly tuition."

    Ethan from Wootton

    "Thank you very much for helping me pass my test Iain. I hope I didn´t scare you too much!"

    Tait from Houghton Conquest

    "Awesome experience and chilled out sessions, which help calm nerves. I definitely recommend Iain!"

    Lucy from Stewartby

    "Thank you Iain for my first time pass! You´ve ben a great instructor and very patient. You really helped build my confidence. I can´t thank you enough!"

    Antonio from Lower Shelton.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson of driving with Iain. He has a friendly manner and is very intuitive with pupils needs. That makes for an easy, comfortable environment, free of stress. You will gain far more with lessons from Iain than from a larger commercial company. I would recommend Metdrive 100%."

    Jez from Shelton

    "Iain makes driving enjoyable and creates a calm atmosphere, uses good techniques so you learn to drive quicker. I highly recommend Metdrive."

    James from Marston

    "Iain, thanks for making learning to drive a low stress experience for me. I couldn´t have hoped for better. Cheers :)"

    Katie from Putnoe

    "Had a brilliant time learning to drive with Iain, I´m even a little sad its over! He was extremely patient and understanding, and I would definitely recommend Iain to anyone, especially nervous drivers!

    I was terrified, and would not have done it without him!

    I honestly can´t thank you enough! I love driving now. Thank you Iain."

    Steven from Marston

    "Iain, thanks a lot for all the help you have given me to help me through my test. Much appreciated."

    Francesca from Wootton

    "Nobody who saw me in my first lesson would have thought I would pass first time. Which I did thanks to Iain. Now, as Iain would say, ´I´m actually quite a good little driver.´ Thanks Iain.

    Holly from Marston

    "I would thoroughly recommend Iain to anybody learning to drive. He is an excellent teacher and built up my confidence in driving, whilst allowing me to learn at my own pace. I cannot thank him enough."

    Gabrielle from Marston

    "Iain, thank you so much for all your support and getting me through my driving test first time!"

    Matthew from Kempston

    "Thanks so much Iain, its been great learning with you! Great instructor, would highly recommend. Cheers."

    Olga from Bedford

    "I am delighted I got my lessons with Iain. I found him very patient and helpful and always very professional. The atmosphere on my lessons was great. I would highly recommend Metdrive. Thank you Iain for your support."

    Sheree from Marston

    "As someone who was terrified of driving a year ago, I cannot thank you enough for being so patient with me! You made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and proved to me that I could do it!

    I will be recommending you to everyone! Thank you Iain."

    Ryan from Lidlington

    "Iain is a very good instructor. He made me feel comfortable on my lessons, giving me one less thing to worry about whilst driving. He is funny and we got on great. Thanks Iain for my pass with only 1 minor :)"

    Eddie from Houghton Conquest

    " It was a pleasure being taught by such a great driving instructor! Iain is very skilled and teaches you in very good way so you can pass as quickly as possible. I passed with very few lessons. Iain was very flexible with his hours too. I would strongly advise anyone to go with Iain. Thanks a lot Metdrive!"

    Jamie from Bedford

    "Absolutely loved learning with Iain. Not only will he get you through your test but he will make you a good safe driver as well.

    Always happy and smiling he makes you feel very comfortable when at the wheel.

    He is a very fun person to learn with and he knows everything there is to know about getting through a driving test.

    I would recommend Iain to anybody! Cheers iain, I really do appreciate your help!"

    Ryan from Stewartby

    "I always looked forward to my lessons with Metdrive, and at every lesson I always learnt and improved my driving abilities. Iain was very nice and relaxed. I would do it all again if I had too!. Thanks Iain."

    Aiden from Kempston.

    "An excellent driving instructor who used the lesson time well to teach me the most he could. I would definitely recommend Iain to everyone."

    Holly from Shelton.

    "Learning to drive was made easy by a great teacher. Iain made learning fun and stress free."

    Michael from Bedford

    "Thank you Iain, you got me through my test. You were brilliant, I can´t thank you enough!"

    Georgia from Ampthill

    "Thank you so much for all the help you gave me! I passed with only two minors. Thanks again. :D

    Liam from Marston

    "A fantastic driving tutor, who tailors your lesson to suit your needs. I also thought it was great that my lessons could easily fit around my school timetable. He gave me the confidence required to pass my test first time. Thanks Iain!"

    Dan from Cranfield

    "Iain is a great driving instructor, he lets u do things at ur own pace, and is a wicked bloke! I couldn´t have done it without you mate so cheers!!!!"

    Matt from Marston

    "Really enjoyable and professional lessons. Helped me feel confident and comfortable on the road. I´m loving driving now! Thanks Iain."

    Tom from Wootton.

    "Iain is an excellent driving instructor and I have thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. He is a patient teacher and has a great attitude to driving. I will miss my driving lessons with Iain as he is always friendly with a smile on his face! I would recommend Metdrive to anyone. Thanks for helping me pass my driving test! :) "

    Lucy from Kempston

    Iain is a very good and patient driving instructor. I learnt so much from every lesson and and he gave me lots of confidence.I would very much recommend him as I managed to pass in only three months which I don't think I would have been able to do otherwise."

    Valerie from Marston

    "I have been driving for over 20 years but had to take my UK driving test because I´m foreign. Iain made me more confident, and slowed my way of driving which means I´m safer, more relaxed and patient.

    Iain is also very patient and a fantastic teacher. Thank you Iain! You rock!"

    Ben from Marston Moretaine

    "I enjoyed learning to drive with Metdrive. I passed in a short space of time and I believe Iain has set me up well for driving on my own. It was a good affordable price and certainly worth it! I would recommend Metdrive to anyone."

    Matthew from Marston

    "Iain gave me very enjoyable lessons while learning to drive. There were in-depth discussions of the all round aspects of driving, and Iain showed great confidence in me. He was also a good person to talk to about my interests and other current affairs. I would recommend Metdrive to a lot of people."

    Antonio from Wootton

    "Iain Metcalfe the god of driving instructors! I couldn't have hoped for a better service. Highly recommended. Thank you once again Iain."

    Chloe from Wootton

    "Iain is a great driving instructor who is always calm and patient, so its easy to build up confidence. Thanks Iain. :) "

    Seb from Ampthill

    "Thanks so much for everything Iain. You really are a great teacher and I feel I´ve learnt so much during our lessons. Anyway, thanks man."

    Shane from Wootton

    "Metdrive provides excellent teaching and Iain has a lot of patience. There's a relaxed atmosphere and lots of banter, and all this meant that I got a successful first time pass - with only four minors. I recommend Iain to absolutely everyone, a true gentleman! Thanks for everything dude."

    Alice from Marston

    "Metdrive is an amazing driving school with a wicked driving instructor. Thank you for everything."

    Ryan from Kempston

    "Iain is a great instructor, I couldn´t have asked for more. I told him when I needed to be passed by and he made it his goal for us to achieve this. Which we did together. Thanks Iain."

    James from Wootton

    "Iain is an extremely patient instructor, explains everything clearly, and is highly recommended. Thank you,"

    Madelaine from Cranfield

    " Thank you for helping me pass my at my own pace, and making me feel confident in my driving. Will definitely recommend you Iain."

    Freddie from Cranfield

    "I couldn´t have asked for anyone better than Iain. I´m really going to miss all the laughs we had. I thoroughly enjoyed my whole driving experience and cannot wait to see you on the roads. Cheers mate."

    Kavita from Kempston.

    "Iain, at Metdrive, tailored my lessons to accommodate my driving strengths and weaknesses. His reassuring and calm attitude helped my confidence grow. Thanks to his approach I was able to pass my driving test first time. I would recommend Metdrive to anyone who wants to learn to drive."

    Harry from Wootton

    "It was a pleasure being taught by a great driving instructor. Iain made every single lesson a great experience and enjoyable. He gave me guidance when needed. I will miss my lessons with Iain. I would highly recommend Metdrive to anyone. I am looking forward to doing the Pass Plus course soon. "

    Jamie from Marston

    "Iain is a brilliant teacher. I would strongly recommend anyone to learn to drive with him. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to pass my test first time - with no minor faults at all!"

    Zuleika from Lower Shelton

    "You´ve been a great instructor! Thank you for always being patient with me and giving me confidence on the roads."

    Bradley from Kempston

    "Iain´s a really decent guy and a brilliant driving instructor. He made it fun and enjoyable with learning added in! He has a proper high pass rate and got me to pass 1st time. Highly recommend Metdrive to anyone wanting to learn to drive!"

    Tom from Wootton.

    "Iain is easy to get along with and creates a good working environment. He makes lessons fun as well as including the key material to help you progress as a driver. He tells you everything you need to know, and more, to pass your test and become a good driver.I would recommend Iain to anyone."

    Toby from Flitwick

    "Iain is an incredibly friendly and welcoming instructor. He is very approachable and I felt able to ask him as many questions as I wished. He gives great guidance where needed. He is humorous and makes you feel comfortable at the wheel.

    Overall, an excellent driving instructor and highly recommended.

    I passed first time with only 5 minors! Cheers Iain."

    Keiran from marston

    "Iain makes driving fun, and has taught me all the skills I need for great driving. Passing my test is the best feeling."

    Tom from Wootton.

    "Iain is a great driving instructor, he teaches you quickly and safely. He's an absolute pleasure to be around."

    Olnni from Cranfield

    "Thanks for all your help Iain, a first time pass with no minors! I´m definitely enjoying the freedom of driving. It is life changing! I´m able to go to places I never could before. Brilliant."

    Harry from Wilden.

    "Iain was very patient, and each lesson was concise and tailored to my own individual needs. I'm glad I took my lesons with Iain, I used to look forward to them each week."

    Graham from Marston

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Metdrive and I felt that I improved quickly with each lesson. I was given the confidence that I could pass and would highly recommend Metdrive to anyone."

    Amar from Bedford

    "Thanks for making every single lesson an awesome experience, and helping me to pass first time/"

    Jacob from Houghton Conquest

    "Iain is the ideal driving instructor with his ability to stay calm and relaxed at all times, as well as having a fun and understanding personality. I not only was able to pass first time but enjoyed myself in the process. Iain is a great guy and a great instructor. I highly recommend Iain for anyone. "

    Tom from Marston Moretaine

    "Iain was very professional and full of knowledge. He helped me to pass way quicker than average by being helpful, calm and clear with instructions. I enjoyed my lessons hugely."

    Matthew from Marston

    "Iain is a great driving instructor, who made learning to drive easy and enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I passed first time, and all credit goes to Iain."

    Kamran from North Crawley

    "Thank you Iain for your great advice and patience with my lessons. On every one I learnt a lot."

    Matt from Houghton Conquest

    "Such a good driving instructor. Helped me to gain confidence early on in the lessons by giving me great tips and instruction. Thanks Iain."

    Jake from Maulden

    "Thank you very much for teaching me to drive Iain, its been good fun, and I would definitely tell others to learn with you! Thanks."

    Matt from Cranfield

    "Cheers for everything Iain, was great to learn with you. I´ll definitely recommend you to my mates."

    Stuart from Marston

    "Iain is a great driving instructor. As I had some previous driving experience I only needed 3 single lessons and a double lesson and passed my test first time! I recommend Metdrive highly. I don´t think I´d have passed with someone else. Thanks a lot Iain, much appreciated."

    Lauren from Shelton

    "I just want to say thank you to you Iain for getting me through my driving test. Passed first time woo! All that gentle nagging finally paid off! :)"

    Tom from Wootton.

    "Iain is a great instructor, a friendly and patient guy. Its been truly enjoyable to learn from him - the best guy to learn from, hands down! Went into my test feeling confident and assured. Highly recommend him!"

    Taylor from Putnoe

    "Felt very at ease with Metdrive, highly recommended. Thank you for the experience Iain."

    Juan from Cranfield

    "Driving with Iain is really a nice experience, he makes the lessons enjoyable. Everything flows nicely. I was able to learn quickly and pass my test. Iain is extremely organised and takes his job very seriously, always being on time and following all the safety procedures. It is also important to consider that Iains car is very easy to drive, thus facilitating your performance during the test."

    Courtenay from Wootton

    "Been a pleasure learning to drive with Metdrive. Very experienced and professional tutor. Strongly recommended."

    Kieran from Marston

    "Iain is a very good instructor who made me feel relaxed and confident while learning to drive. If it wasn´t for Iain I wouldn´t have passed first time with 0 faults!

    Thanks Iain :D "

    Lawrence from Lidlington

    "Iain was very professional and very friendly, and his laid back approach to driving makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend him to everyone. And thanks again Iain for all your help."

    Adam from Cranfield

    "Iain is a patient and confident instructor giving his pupils an excellent approach to driving. Many thanks for getting me through my driving test."

    Sophia from Marston Moretaine

    "Good quality teaching with a laid back, friendly atmosphere. Iain allows you to learn and gain confidence in your own time. I would highly recommend."

    Chris from Kempston

    "I enjoyed my lessons with Metdrive because iain was so relaxed, and the way he taught things made it so easy. Thank you very much for my pass with only four minor faults."

    Khairiel from Cranfield

    "My lessons were great. I´m glad that I choose Metdrive. Iain is a super driving instructor. Thank you Iain. Highly recommended!"

    Josh from Wootton

    "Iain made learning to drive a great experience, being calm, funny and professional at all times! Passed 1st time and would recommend Metdrive to anyone looking for driving tuition. Cheers Iain "

    Ryan from Stewartby

    "Iain is an excellent instructor. As a motorcyclist I knew how to use the roads, I just needed to learn car driving and to combine that with my bike knowledge. Iain showed me this and in quick time, so only fourteen lessons later, I passed my car test first time. I can´t thank him enough."

    Derek from Bedford.

    "I wish I had taken lessons from Iain 30 years ago instead of the instructor that put me off. He is very patient. I think he adopts his style to suit whoever he is teaching to make them feel relaxed. I was well pleased to be taught by Iain."

    Cory from Marston

    "Thanks for all your help Iain, its been an absolute joy having you as my instructor. I don´t think anyone else would have been able to get me up to standard as quickly as you did. And your way of teaching meshed perfectly with my way of learning."

    Caylin from Great Denham

    "Iain is an excellent instructor. He´s patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Hr brought my driving up to speed quickly, and happily, I passed first time!"

    James from Marston Moretaine.

    "Iain is a humourous and level-headed guy. No matter how nervous I was a the start of the lesson, he made it enjoyable. He is a really decent instructor. By the end of our lessons he helped me to pass first time. Top lad. I would definitely recommend Metdrive.

    George from Bedford

    "A calm and patient instructor who is very easy to get along with. Iain is very funny and I would recommend him to others."

    Elliott from Marston

    "A great professional drive, with a friendly and patient instructor."

    Sophy from Wootton

    "Thank you so much for the past few months Iain. My first time pass will live with me forever. You´ve been a fab instructor and friend for me, I can´t thank you enough. See you around. :) "

    Laura from Wootton

    " iain is an excellent instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He helped both me and my brother pass our tests and was very patient. Thank you. "

    Martin from Stewartby

    "Hi iain, just wanted to thank you a billion for teaching me to drive and pass both my theory & practical, first time! You provided me with everything I needed in order to learn how to overcome all aspects of driving. The mock tests you provided were exactly like the actual test. Considering I had no experience of driving, having just one lesson a week and passing first time is incredible! Thank you again so much."

    Francesca from Marston

    "Yo Iain is da bomb digadee, he´s a safe bro. Peaceowt. Much love and tingz!"

    Dowell from Marston

    "Going with Iain was a good choice for me, he's a brilliant instructor and I would strongly recommend him."

    James from Flitwick

    "I'd had driving lessons with other instructors before I met iain, and I'd describe my lessons with Iain as the best I'd had. The lessons were very focussed on what I needed, and pass oriented - which is definitely a good thing! All in all, very enjoyable :) Thanks Iain."

    Ben from Marston

    "Thanks Iain for helping me out on the driving test. Best driving instructor ever. Couldn´t have done it without you mate."

    Juliette from Marston

    "Iain is a calm, enthusiastic and encouraging instructor who has helped me immensely in getting through my test. Thank you."

    Laurence from Carlton

    "I couldn´t imagine a driving instructor as good as Iain. He made everything so easy and simple without talking down or making you feel stupid. He was always friendly and greeted me with a smile every lesson. He is very experienced and knows how to give you the confidence that you need when learning. He doesn´t get angry like some instructors I have heard about from my friends. He goes into the finer detail that you need to to make yourself a better and safer driver. I would strongly recommend Iain. He is not only a great instructor that will teach you to pass the test, but also he teaches you so much more about driving. He is so easy to talk to and always happy. A massive thank you, and I really do mean it when I say there couldn´t be a better instructor."

    Hannah from Cranfield

    "Iain is a GREAT driving instructor and a great guy he makes the lessons very enjoyable and lets you go at your own pace. I deffo recommend him. Thanks so much Iain!"

    Lauren from Marston

    "Iain, thanks for all your help :)"

    Stephen from Wootton

    "Awesome! Thank you so much for getting me through my test Iain. I really appreciate it. You made driving lessons fun, but still made sure I was learning properly. And always managed to fit me into your busy schedule!"

    Saira from Marston

    "Thank you so much Iain x"

    Kieran from Kempston

    "Couldn´t imagine learning with anyone else. Iain isn´t just a good instructor, but a great guy. A pleasure to learn with and a good sense of humour which always helps. I have to thank him for helping me pass first time!"

    John from Ampthill

    "Iain is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him. Learning to drive was enjoyable and I gained so much confidence thanks to Iain."

    Michael from Stewartby

    "I just want to say, thank you Iain for everything. I´m now having the best time of my life in my own little car!"

    Jack from Flitwick

    "Thank you Iain for all your help in guiding me through my test. I always looked forward to our lessons. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting an all-round great driving instructor. :D"

    Tony from Cranfield.

    "Metdrive was recommended to me by a friend, and from my first lesson with Iain I felt comfortable and at ease. I passed my test first time and with only 3 minor faults and this was due to the support I was given by Iain during my lessons. I would recommended him to anyone without hesitation."

    Olivia from Bedford

    "Iain is a great instructor. He not only wanted me to pass my test but also to be a safe driver. My dad tells me that it is so noticeable how I´ve become a confident and safe driver. I would highly recommend Iain to anyone. Great job!"

    Jack from Marston

    "Iain´s lessons were brilliant. I went from a beginner to a competent driver really quickly. Iain prepares you extremely well for your test just when you need it."

    Ursula from Clapham

    "I would like to say a massive thank you for teaching me to drive You really are the best driving instructor! I´m so glad I passed first time. Thank you Iain."

    Olivia from Ampthill

    "Iain is fab. Highly recommended to anyone! Taught me everything I needed to be a confident driver. Thank you for helping me pass first time!" :)

    Jamie from Stewartby

    "Thank you so much Iain. Fantastic instructor. I can´t wait to get on the road now!"

    Gemma from Wootton

    "Iain is a really patient driving instructor, and helped me get my confidence on the roads. I couldn´t have asked for anyone better to help me pass my test!"

    Tom from Flitwick

    "Iain is a great guy, I couldn´t have asked for a better driving instructor. He is patient, calm, accommodating and humorous, which makes the lessons very enjoyable. I highly recommend Metdrive!"

    Nisha from Kempston

    "Iain is an excellent driving instructor, every lesson was enjoyable and I always looked forward to them! Thank you iain for giving me the confidence and the support that I needed. x"

    Lydia from Marston

    "Iain is a great, enthusiastic instructor. He was very patient and gave me loads of confidence. I would definitely recommend him."

    Katy from Wootton.

    "With Metdrive I found it a comfortable environment to learn in. While Iain was happy to let me learn at my own pace, he supportively encouraged me to progress through each new level of driving. First time pass whoo hoo!"

    Alex from Ampthill

    "Iain, thanks for all your help, passed first time, and am now able to drive to work."

    Dan from Lidlington

    " I´d like to say a massive thank you for helping me pass my test :) I enjoyed going out with Metdrive because you were really helpful and friendly, and put me at my ease. I will always recommend Metdrive to anyone who asks for a driving instructor. Thank you so much :) "

    Jacob from Bromham

    "With Metdrive I found learning to drive was a very comfortable experience. With Iain being very professional but also making it a relaxing experience at the same time. Thank you for the help in getting me driving."

    Rosie from Pulloxhill

    "I had lessons before with another well-known instructor and I didn't feel I was progressing much. I changed to Iain and within the first lesson I felt a lot more confident and happy about my driving. Iain's lessons were easy to understand, exciting and funny! :) I don't feel like I wasted any money at all on my driving lessons with Iain as he taught me to be a good and safe driver - which led me to pass first time. Whoo hoo!"

    Ben from Cranfield

    "Thanks for giving me that extra push and giving me more confidence after failing, even though we both thought I had passed. If you hadn´t pushed me I would have given up. So when I did pass later I was so happy, and not only did I get a new licence, I also got a new friend. :) "

    Charlie from Marston

    "Iain has been a great instructor.

    When I struggled with my theory he provided all the help and assistance that I could need, and he got me through my practical test first time.

    I would recommend Iain to everyone!"

    Alice from Flitwick

    "Thank you! Great teacher! Iain teaches everything you need to know to pass your test, be a good driver and really helps with confidence! Incredibly reliable. Thank you."

    Toni from Kempston

    "I'm so glad I chose to go with Iain. I doubt I'd have been as enthusiastic to pass without his help!"

    Ben from Silsoe

    "Iain is very easy to get on with, and set a good pace of learning. He gave a good balance of constructive feedback for improvement."

    Will from Marston

    "Thank you very much for getting me through my test Iain. Chilled, funny, patient and easy to get on with. Iain will help you get through your test. I strongly recommend for anyone looking to learn. Thanks again Iain."

    Steven from Upper Shelton.

    "Iain was really helpful, he has a nice positive attitude and gave me lots of constructive comments to improve my driving."

    Georgia from Kempston

    "Iain thank you so much for teaching me to drive. We discovered driving wasn´t something that come naturally to me, so by managing to pass first time was amazing! Thank you so much and I would recommend you to to everyone. :)

    Aaron from Great Barford

    ´Thank you so much for teaching me, and helping me pass. So glad I chose you. Thank you very much.´

    Cameron from Marston

    "Thank you for everything Iain, so glad you helped me to pass my test!" :)

    Louis from Marston

    "Iain is a very calm and fun instructor who helped me pass my test, and I would strongly recommend him for anyone learning to drive."

    Cathy from Clapham.

    "Iain Metcalfe is the best instructor I could have had. He's smiley and great to be with. When I first started I was a quivering wreck. Thanks to him I passed first time and am now a confident driver."

    Helen from Cranfield

    "Thank you very much for your services in teaching both my children to drive safely and pass their test with you.

    I know you made their learning experience both fun and professional.

    I feel confident that they have had the best tuition to make them safe on the road and we will all be recommending you to everyone."

    Tom from Stewartby

    "Thanks again for all your patience and giving me the confidence to believe I could pass. And I did, first time!"

    Tom from Wootton.

    "I passed my test first time because of the expert and patient tuition of Iain. From the first time I stepped into the car Iain made me feel confident and relaxed. On the day of the test we went through everything, leaving no stone unturned. This meant that I went into my test feeling confident and ready. I had a great time learning to drive with Iain and would recommend him to anyone. I can´t thank him enough for helping me to pass."

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