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    Hi & thanks for visiting my website.

    When choosing a driving instructor unless they come recommended it can sometimes be a difficult choice.

    I have been helping the people of Nantwich & Crewe to gain their independance over the last 14 years & have built a solid business that is going from strength to strength thanks to a strong ´word of mouth´ recommendations.

    I am a fully qualified grade A driving instructor (this is the highest grade achievable) and I also have a very high first time pass rate.

    All my lessons are fully structured and I use a coaching method which will not only give you a much better chance of a first time pass but will ensure you are much better prepared once passed to deal with todays busy roads and hazards, rather than just being told what to do and how to do it. If you have never driven before I aim to get you moving off within 30 minutes of getting into the car.. and hopefully stopping!!

    Your progress is carefully monitered and marked at the end of each lesson so you will always know where you are in relation to the driving test!

    I also offer the following :

    FREE access to driver active online

    FREE online theory/hazard perception with unlimited mock tests.

    Nervous pupils are especially welcome & have NOTHING to fear.

    When choosing a driving instructor it is important to ask the following questions:

    1. Are they fully qualified (green badge) or trainee (pink badge) always go for fully qualified.

    2. How much experience do they have.

    3. Do they follow a fully structured course (this gives you a greater chance of a 1st time pass)

    4. What is their grade (ask to see proof)

    5. Do they offer online theory/hazard perception study materials

    Why not get in touch & let me help you get on the road to independance, you won´t look back.. except in your mirrors!


    Thanks again for visiting my website & I look forward to speaking with you soon.


    89 passers comments


    Jamie is a fantastic driving instructor who gets you upto a top standard of driving! He makes the lessons fun and enjoyable whilst giving you the best driving experience you will get, which makes learning more comfortable and easy to get through. A truly great instructor who I would recommend to anyone!


    Jamie is a great instructor, he put me at ease and I couldn´t have done it without him. Thank you so much!


    Jamie, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help, you have been a great instructor and I couldn't have done it without you.

    Thank you so much! Love Gemma.

    P.S It still hasn't sunk in that I managed to pass 1st time!!!


    Jamie is an absolutely fantastic instructor. After moving from a different instructor I noticed the difference straight away. I passed 1st time with 0 faults! I cannot thank Jamie enough.


    Brilliant instructor, I failed 3 times with another instructor passed 1st time with Jamie. He doesn't just teach you to pass your test he prepares you for everything once you have passed.

    Thanks Jamie, top man!


    Overall very happy with the teaching standard and also the ability to reach me in a not so accessible area. I passed first time and was also the third pass on that day for Jamie! Good teacher, very friendly and easy to learn from.


    A fantastic instructor. He always made me feel at ease and was always patient. I was very nervous to begin with due to having failed previous tests elsewhere. I thought it was something I could never do but Jamie personalised my lessons and built my confidence. Despite being in high demand, he always fitted around my schedule (which meant some rather early mornings!) I would recommend him to anyone. He is easy to have a laugh with and always encouraging. Lessons were always enjoyable and I passed with only 2 minor faults! If you´re looking for an instructor that will ensure you will feel safe and confident on the roads, call Jamie. I can´t thank him enough.


    I passed 1st time and I couldn´t have done it without the help of Jamie. He was helpfull and hard working, kind and always had time for me. Overall a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to my friends.


    Brilliant! Jamie helped me learn all the essentials in no time at all and prepared me for my test the best I possibly could be. Highly recommended!


    Thanks Jamie for everything you have done in helping me pass 1st time with only 3 minors.


    Jamie, Thank you for your patience! xx


    Thank you for everything Jamie. Honestly couldn't have done it without you. Definitely going to miss your fantastic jokes! Once again thanks for helping me pass 1st time with only one fault!


    Jamie, Thanks for all your patience and help, you've been great! Best wishes x


    I still can't beleive that I have passed my driving test. I couldn't have done without your help. I really appreciate your patience and the confidence you gave me.

    Thank you very much.


    Jamie is a fantastic instructor whose passion for his job is clear. Jamie has the patience of a saint and always manages to crack a joke or two! His teaching style is both thorough and fun with him making sure he covers everything but in good time to take it all in. Jamie always had time addressing any issues I had and always made every lesson interesting as well as different to any previous lessons. Finding a driving instructor that made me feel calm and comfortable was important to me and Jamie was definitely everything I was looking for in an instructor!. Jamie is a lovely person and I will miss having lessons with him!. Thanks for everything Jamie


    Jamie was recommended to me by family and friends who had been students of Jamie´s and had passed first time. They said he had been amazing-I´d say he was outstanding! Jamie put myself at ease upon my first lesson and he gave me confidence. Jamie has a great sense of humour and I guarantee you will get on really well with him. He will give you great advice and support when you eventually come towards your theory and practical test and within every lesson you have with him. Thank you very much Jamie, I´ll see you on the road!


    I passed my test 1st time with the help from Jamie! I´d highly recommend him, he´s absolutely brilliant at what he does and made me feel so calm and relaxed during our lessons together! I´ve recommended other learners to him and got myself a free lesson, he´s got a great referral scheme! I´d had other instructors in the past and definitely would not have passed with them, Jamie helped a lot and pushed me to take my test, and had a lot of confidence in me all the way. There should be more Jamie´s in the world! It´s going to be weird not getting up early on a saturday to have a lesson with him! I cannot thank him enough!!


    Jamie is an extremely good driving instructor and is very easy to get along with, whenever you need to ask anything he will help you without making you feel uncomfortable. Also he doesn't make you feel uncomfortable when you do something wrong, he will keep on working at it until you get it right. He helped me pass my driving test 1st time with only 3 faults.


    Jamie has been a fantastic teacher, with a great sense of humour and the amazing ability to help help put people at ease. He helped me to pass first time and without him, I would have felt lost. To anyone who is unsure of who to choose as a driving instructor, I would not hesitate to say Jamie Moffat is far above the rest. He will help you to achieve your full potential.


    I always look forward to lessons with Jamie, and not just because he is full of beautiful jokes!

    He really did put me at ease all the time and he was always calm. It's because of him that I passed my driving test 1st time!

    Really can't thank you enough. Thanks Jamie!


    As long as you laugh at his jokes Jamie is an awesome driving instructor


    Thank you very much for your help and patience! Loved every minute of it...even your jokes. Couldn´t of done it without you.


    I don´t think I would have passed 1st time with NO!! faults if it wasn´t for Jamie. He´s a nice guy and makes you laugh along the way. His jokes are really bad though!

    Louise, Greg, Will

    Our son has recently passed his driving test after having Jamie as his instructor. My son is very quiet, shy and was anxious about learning to drive. Jamie´s calm, gentle approach soothed my sons nerves and anxiety. My son gained in confidence and skills under Jamie´s guidance and instruction. Jamie´s calm approach, easy to talk to manor and general all round approachability provided a pleasant experience for my son. We have no qualms in recommending Jamie to you if you are after a professional and all round good bloke driving instructor.


    I highly recommend Jamie. He is adamant in the belief that he should not teach you to drive to pass the driving test, but to be a driver who can also pass the test. His knowledge, experience and calm demeanour shine through to make him an excellent instructor, yet it is his consideration and understanding offered to the individual pupil, according to how best they learn and develop which are outstanding. The greatest credit that I can highlight however is how he helped me from being a complete beginner to achieving a 1st time pass with little over 30 hours in total of driving experience, when he says that his steady, measured approach to teaching produces the best results later, he is absolutely correct. I owe Jamie my most grateful thanks for all the assistance, his humour and for being a great person to learn to drive with!


    Passed 1st time! I was really nervous but Jamie helped loads with the few dodgy jokes of course! I felt really at ease and really calm driving.


    Jamie is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation!!!!! Thanks to Jamie I not only passed 1st time but I got only 5 minors. Whenever I struggled with any aspect of driving Jamie helped me overcome it. Thanks Jamie!!!


    I passed 1st time with with Jamie, he is a brilliant instructor and easy to have a laugh with. He is a sure way to get you passed 1st time. But one down side is his jokes! He is an overall brilliant instructor.


    Jamie is a fantastic driving instructor and has been amazing at boosting my confidence. I felt as if I would never pass my test with my first driving instructor and found myself dreading lessons, but once moving to Jamie he really made the lessons enjoyable. Thank you so much Jamie.


    Jamie, I want to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me the past few weeks. Thanks x


    I have passed my driving test on my first attempt thanks to Jamie. The lessons have been very enjoyable and seemed very easy as Jamie has been great at talking me through things that I was unsure of and was always there for me when I needed advice or help. I very much enjoyed my lessons and would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.


    Jamie is a great instructor! he makes all the lessons fun and enjoyable which has obviously worked as I passed 1st time with only 1 fault! I highly recommend anyone to take lessons with Jamie!


    Jamie is a fantastic instructor, meticulous, thorough, whilst constantly reassuring and building up your skills which you will develop and advance on. Having gone from never driving, to passing first time, I can´t thank Jamie enough for all the effort he put in, even with another 40 or so students every session is personalised and directed at what you can do, whilst being encouraged to constantly tweak and get yourself to test standard. See you on the roads Jamie!


    I had a 20 hour course over 1 week with Jamie and passed 1st time with only 2 faults.

    Jamie really helped me with my driving as well as cracking some horrendous jokes! I would recommend Jamie to anyone learning to drive.


    Just passed after my 3rd attempt (1st time with Jamie) Really liked his teaching style, he has a structured but relaxed approach. Made learning to drive a pleasure and I always looked forward to my lessons. Found him to be very encouraging especially if you´re having an off day. However, don´t be put off by his pink shirt and bad jokes!! Seriously, I highly recommend Jamie, especially if you´re a nervous pupil as he´s sure to put you at ease.


    After having a poor driving experience with a previous instructor, I was recommended by a friend to contact Jamie. I gained confidence whilst driving and did more in the first hour lesson with Jamie than in 5 with the previous instructor! He is a fantastic driving instructor who´s humour and overall friendly attitude makes it easy to learn and makes each lesson enjoyable. Thanks Jamie!


    Passed 1st time with Jamie, he is an extremely patient instructor and a great guy. Recommend him to anyone, easy to get on with.


    "If anybody is learning to drive near crewe/nantwich area, I highly recommend Jamie Moffat.

    I had taken a few classes with another instructor before I moved in to crewe - I can see the difference. People may not realise how important a good instructor is in learning to drive well.

    Jamie´s programme is excellent with his learning aids - books and DVD. And Jamie was punctual,kind and knows a bit of psychology to encourage us at the right moments. I passed my test today with just 2 minor mistakes and a "good driving" remark by the examiner! full credits to Jamie"


    Thank you so much Jamie! I can not believe I passed 1st time! You made it all less stressful with some great jokes along the way.


    After having a provisional driving licence for almost 20 years and with having a few lessons with different instructors I decided to make the effort to pass my test. With the help of Jamie I passed 1st time. His friendly and supportive teaching style was perfect for me. I would recommend him without hesitation.


    Learning to drive is one of the toughest milestones anyone could do, but learning with Jamie has made it the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. I´m gutted that I´ve passed because I won´t be able to have lessons with Jamie anymore.


    Jamie is a pleasant and encouraging instructor who always wants to get the best out of you. Having had no independant lessons during my time learning, Jamie managed to get me passed 1st time with very few faults. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.


    Jamie is the number one best driving instructor. He helps you relax and is very laid back, with lots of knowledge to help you pass your test. I enjoyed every lesson I had with Jamie and always looked forward to them all. From previous instructors not being helpful or understanding, I went to Jamie and never looked back. I passed my test first time. Jamie boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself. He is passionate about getting you through your test.


    I have really enjoyed having Jamie as my driving instructor, except his awful jokes! Thank you for making it bearable.


    Jamie, Thank you so so much for teaching me to drive, I never would have passed my test 1st time without your help!

    Thank you.


    After poor driving instructor experiences in the past I luckily found Jamie. In one condensed week he inspired me to pass first time with only 2 minor faults. Thank you very much Jamie for your patience, knowledge and advice, I would highly recommend Jamie above all others.


    "Jamie is an amazing instructor and person. I learned quickly and enjoyed all my lessons,I would be sure to recommend Jamie to all my family and friends - great guy 10/10.

    Thank you for everything."


    Jamie, What an excellent teacher! can´t say a bad word! His attitude towards teaching is incredible and his patience when it comes to explaining is amazing. Highly recommend to everyone looking to pass.


    Jamie is a very helpful instructor, not only has he helped me pass my test 1st time he has coached me very well so that I can now comfortably drive in any situation or enviroment. I highly recommend Jamie as a driving instructor, good banter and a very friendly guy.

    Alice's Mum

    So glad that we picked Jamie as Alice´s new driving instructor when we moved to the Nantwich area. His confidence in her driving skills so far and his professional but friendly attitude helped her tremendously. With her previous driving instructor, due to anxiety, she had failed a few times and moved away from the area she knew. She went on to pass within 4 months with Jamie to help her. I will be recommending Jamie to everyone I know who needs driving lessons!


    Jamie, Thank you for your patience and all the encouragement. The roads'll never be the same again!


    Jamie, Thanks for all of your help!!


    Jamie is a fantastic instructor, I managed to pass 1st time with only 3 faults and had only been learning to drive for a short amount of time. All the resources and tips he gave me really helped.

    Tilly's Dad

    Jamie Moffat is a great driving instructor. One of my daughters passed with him last year on the second attempt and the other passed March 2016 first time. He´s patient, kind, considerate and reliable. I couldn´t recommend him more highly!

    Lizzie's mum

    My daughter started out as a reluctant driver, but with Jamie´s tuition she soon began to enjoy driving and after only 9 weeks of driving she passed her test. Jamie invited me to go out with them on some of the lessons and I found him to be very calm and patient with a relaxed manner. So that she didn´t have to get use to 2 cars, he was even happy to teach her in my car, without dual controls. I would thoroughly recommend Jamie as a driving instructor and I won´t hesitate to book him again when my younger daughter learns to drive.


    Fantastic driving instructor, I got a 1st time pass with Jamie, he is literally a genius at teaching driving and made sure I was ready when I took the test. Got decent banter aswell!


    With the help of Jamie I managed to pass 1st time! He is a great instructor, and he never fails to make each lesson personalised for you,despite having many other students. I felt relaxed and under no pressure when driving with Jamie, and his knowledge and patience mean I would recommend him to anyone. Just ignore his dodgy jokes! Thanks Jamie!


    I had passed my driving test first time thanks to Jamie, he is an amazing teacher with a fantastic sense of humour. I would highly recommend his services as a driving instructor. As a message to anyone that wants to have someone who is beyond patient, very reliable and has a brilliant personality I would suggest Jamie Moffat.


    Jamie is an excellent instructor who makes learning fun as well as easy. With a few jokes added in as a bonus!


    Thanks to Jamie with his great maner and excellent teaching, I passed 1st time. Jamie is a top guy and a nice person, always caring and I would recommend anyone to learn with him.


    Jamie, Thank you so much for all your help and patience!!! You always managed to make me feel at ease, even from day one. You are definitely in the right profession, luckily for all those new pupils!! Thanks again, see you soon for pass plus!! x


    Jamie is an amazing driving instructor, I passed 1st time and wouldn´t have been able to do it with anyone else! Thank you so much!


    Thanks so much Jamie! I passed!

    I would recommend Jamie to anyone! especially those nervous learners out there or anyone who has had a bad driving experience like me! He is friendly, punctual and tells SOME? good jokes!


    Thank you Jamie so much! I can't believe I passed 1st time, you made me feel really calm on my first driving lesson, and I never thought I would pass with only 7 months of driving. Thank you!!xx


    Jamie is a very patient instructor, I was put at ease straight away and passed 1st time! Strongly recommended.


    After previously failing my test with another instructor which I didn´t feel ready to sit my test with I gave up on driving. I decided to give it another go 6 years later and through family I was told to contact Jamie. On my lessons he taught me the safe way to drive with calm and composure and with his humour he made me feel at ease. He was honest about my mistakes and HE told me when I was ready and today I´ve passed first time with him. He´s an amazing instructor and just as equal person!


    Jamie is an excellent teacher, he is friendly and helps you every step of the way, he teaches you all the tips and tricks to help you out.

    I have loved driving with Jamie and he made my learning a pleasure. He does have bad jokes but the banter is funny and I would recommend anyone to go with Jamie who wishes to learn to drive.


    Jamie is an amazing instructor, he has your best interests at heart. Always willing to help and never fails to make you laugh.

    Cat (Fiona, Cat's Mum)

    When I was looking for a driving instructor for my 17 year old daughter Jamie was recommended to me, with the comment "everyone gets on with Jamie" and as soon as we met him we realised this was true. Right from the first lesson Jamie was so relaxed and easygoing, which gave her loads of confidence and meant that she really enjoyed her lessons. This would be enough of a recommendation in itself but when I was looking into things I also found out that the level of the instructor´s qualification can be an important factor in how successful they are in getting people to pass their test and Jamie has the highest qualification possible. Now that she has passed and driving by herself, the plan is for her to do some motorway driving with Jamie which I think will also really help her. So if you are looking for a friendly instructor who gets great results then you should definitely give Jamie a call.


    Passed 1st time! Learning to drive with Jamie has been brilliant! I´ve already recommended him to two of my friends and I´d gladly recommend him to more! We´ve had such a laugh along the way and I´m genuinely gutted to not have lessons with him anymore, however I do plan to do some motorway driving with him! I´ll even miss his awful jokes! He has the patience of a saint and is so easygoing! I never thought I´d pass first time but thanks to Jamie I have done and I can´t thank him enough! I honestly couldn´t have done it without him! If there were more driving instructors out there like Jamie, the world would be a much happier and safer place.


    After speaking with Jamie he gave me the confidence to start driving again after a bad experience. Jamie was superb throughout and supported me greatly. I started with Jamie on 12th may and thankfully passed 1st time on 31st july which was a great turn around. I would recommend Jamie to anyone, a great instructor, and very light hearted (so he won´t shout at you) I would like to thank Jamie for his patience and kindness.


    Jamie couldn´t have been more patient and professional. We did our lessons in the area where the test was to be held and he guided me through everything I needed to know, patiently and thoroughly. I´m so happy that Jamie was my instructor and I highly recommend him.


    Jamie is a great driving instructor, not only did I pass 1st time I learned lots of things I didn't know. Jamie is down to earth easy to get on with and I had a great time being taught by him.


    Learning to drive with Jamie was always enjoyable!, Jamie is always positive full of encouragement and very patient. I couldn´t have done it without him. I passed 1st time because I had such a great instructor.

    Thanks Jamie.

    Josh & Tom's mum

    Following my eldest son, Josh enjoying his driving lessons and passing first time with Jamie, I had no hesitation for my younger son to be taught by Jamie too. Jamie´s good sense of humour, patience and reliability, along with lessons fitted around my son´s college schedule, made learning to drive a pleasure and Tom was able to pass his driving test first time too. I would thoroughly recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a driving instructor.


    After having a motorbike accident before learning to drive I lost a lot of confidence on the roads. After one lesson with Jamie I was at ease straight away. Patient, encouraging, and overall a very nice man! Thanks for everything Jamie it has been a pleasure!


    I passed 1st time with Jamie, he is an excellent instructor, he is calm and patient and really helped me to relax and I would recommend Jamie to anyone.


    Jamie is an outstanding driving instructor with his unique approach he will get you to drive to the best of your ability. Thanks to his unrivalled techniques I passed with flying colours ( 1 minor ). It was a pleasure to be taught by him, and would highly recommend him. Thank you Jamie.


    Jamie, Thank you for all you have done! yeaaahhhh!


    Jamie, Thank you for all the help you have given me over the past months. You made the experience really enjoyable. When I started in february I thought I would never be able to drive but you are so calm and praising. I knew that when I went on my lessons I could have a laugh with you and turned them into something I could look forward to. Thank you once again xxx


    Jamie is a great instructor, he helped me to pass my theory and also helped me to pass my practical test 1st time!.

    I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Also he had me driving the car from scratch in the first half hour on my very first lesson!


    Jamie was really kind and helpfull, he filled me with confidence and with his vast driving knowledge I managed to pass first time.


    I would definitely recommend Jamie to anybody. Nervous people need not worry. I have enjoyed every lesson and my learning with Jamie. CAUTION : Awfull jokes!


    I can´t thank Jamie enough, he´s an amazing instructor who made me feel at ease from the get go. I had a bad experience in the past, and was recommended to learn again with Jamie, he listened, took the time and gave me back the confidence to get behind the wheel and enjoy driving again! I couldn´t have gotten anywhere without him! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

    Thanks Jamie, see you on the road!


    Jamie has helped me so much with my driving. Before I started I was a nervous wreck but now I've passed and I've never felt better. Thanks Jamie for everything, you're the best driving instructor around!!!


    Thanks Jamie for your awesome instruction. You kept a very nervous learner calm and helped me pass 1st time!

    I would strongly recommend Jamie to anyone especially nervous learners - as long as they don't mind rubbish jokes!


    I was really nervous in the beginning, but thanks to Jamie´s calm demeanour and constant jokes I gained confidence and I was able to pass first time thanks to his excellent tuition. I´d recommend Jamie to everyone looking for a driving instructor.


    Brilliant service!

    Lesson times were made to suit me, lessons were structured very well and it was easy to see what was achieved and what needed improving. Passed 1st time with only 1 fault! Happily recommend.


    I booked a crash course with Jamie, I felt confident within a few days due to his very professional and informant manner. After failing with a different instructor, Jamie taught me in a much more effective way and got me through the test with ease.

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