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    Why should you take your driving lessons with us?

    As a well established driving school, founded in 1994, Ivy School of Motoring has the experience to provide you with the very best driving tuition giving you the skill and confidence YOU need to succeed.

    Our focus is on providing the highest quality driving instruction to all our learner drivers and have built an enviable reputation as a local firm offering a superior service to local people and ensuring that the our learners are given the VERY BEST chance of passing 1ST TIME!

    All our driving instructors have public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and aim to give top quality instruction in line with, or better than the national driving schools.

    Learning with us means you will be taught by a highly qualified instructor with instruction designed to give a clear understanding of driving and road safety, enabling YOU to not only pass your test but to continue to drive safely for life.

    You will be taught to drive by one of our professional team of four driving instructors, all of whom are patient and understanding. Nervous learner drivers will find our training techniques very quickly put them at ease and gain the confidence needed which makes the whole learning process both fun and productive.

    All of our driving instructors are of the highest quality, are members of the Driving Instructors Association and adhere to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency code of conduct.

    Passers gallery - 36 entries

    Umair Feltham

    ivysom2017 Umair Feltham passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Thanks to Steve and Roger, they both are fantastic and just great instructors. I done couple of lessons with them and then my driving test as well, it was really a pleasant experience to be with them in that very important phase of my life. I would definitely recommend them... It´s value the money and time.

    Louise Brand

    ivysom2017 Louise Brand passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Very good driving school, steve & roger were great help & I passed first time

    Prashant Thapa

    ivysom2017 Prashant Thapa passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I had failed four times and been taking lessons for almost three years but my driving wasn´t getting any better..I started lessons with Roger about ten days before my fifth test. Being on the road with him after few lessons clarified many of my doubts and made driving fun. His methods of explaining and executing driving techniques made sense to me unlike my previous instructors who didn´t. I´m grateful to him for building up my confidence and helping me pass. Thanks a lot Roger


    ivysom2017 Chantal passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I started learning to drive several years ago with another instructor, but stopped because of exams and didn´t go back.

    I chose the school after a recommendation from a friend and the lessons exceeded my expectations.

    I was nervous about getting back onto the road but Roger was always calm and patient. His instructions were clear and he always made sure to tell me how to overcome any errors; as a result a lot of my ´fossilised´ and continuous mistakes were corrected by the time I took my test and I passed first time.

    Thank you Roger!

    Tim Browning

    ivysom2017 Tim Browning passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a fantastic instructor, very clear methods that make sense. Having had experience with other driving schools i have to say that ivy beat the competition hands down, much better value for money and far better quality instruction

    Naureen Abubacker

    ivysom2017 Naureen Abubacker passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I have never met someone so patient, Roger was fantastic with giving me great tips to develop my driving skills and really helped build up my confidence with driving. He is an excellent driving instructor, who gives clear instructions on how to improve, and has invested quality time for a much needed life skill.

    Larissa Kears

    ivysom2017 Larissa Kears passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Very good no problems or complaints, very patient & a good instructor. Myself, my husband and my brother all passed with roger 1st time.

    Tommy T Sin

    ivysom2017 Tommy T Sin passed with Ivy School Of Motoring For a International Student, Ivy Driving school and instructor is very helpful and detail concerned about what pupil need. I passed both theoretical and practical test in one shot.I truly like to recommend other peoples who thinking to find driving instructor to contact Ivy Driving school in Hillingdon right away.You will be very pleased.

    Ana Costa Baptista

    ivysom2017 Ana Costa Baptista passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I have had 30 hours of driving with Roger and I can now say I have passed my driving test first time. I am very pleased with the way Roger teaches and am very glad I could make the school and my instructor proud. It would not be possible without such patience, knowledge and instructions from Roger.

    I highly recommend this company if you want to learn to drive.

    Kevin Street

    ivysom2017 Kevin Street passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger taught me from my first time in front of the wheel right to getting my license. He is very patient, informative and lessons with him where always enjoyable. I genuinely could not recommend anyone more highly if you want to learn to drive.

    Kevin D

    ivysom2017 Kevin D passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I have been learning to drive with this driving school for the past few months and have found the instructors helpful, highly experienced and always willing to go the extra mile to insure you are fully ready, not just for your test but for whatever driving throws at you. Thank you Steve and Roger!

    Adam G

    ivysom2017 Adam G passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Just like to say a massive thank you to Roger for teaching me to drive, and helping give me the skills and confidence to pass first time. Roger was patient, helpful and gave great advice about all aspects of driving. Thank you Roger!

    Linda N

    ivysom2017 Linda N passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I´d just like to say a huge thank you to Roger he´s taken me since the beginning and was a great instructor. I felt very comfortable and relaxed whenever I had lessons and he explained things in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks again you made it possible for me to pass first time :)


    ivysom2017 Amy passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Thank you Roger and Steve for being such brilliant instructors. I was a bag of nerves when I first started but Roger and Steve were so friendly, supportive and calm that they really helped me to relax. They were able to explain instructions in a way that was easy to understand and follow and I felt comfortable in asking questions. They were encouraging and made me feel capable of driving which helped build up my confidence with each lessons. I would highly recommend IVY to anyone.

    Mike T

    ivysom2017 Mike T passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Thanks Steve for being such a patient and calm instructor. Your lessons are really well structured so I kept on developing new skills whilst still feeling completely in control. Most importantly, you helped me to relax, keep calm and enjoy driving. I recommend you to everyone wanting to drive in the area!

    Linden Williamson

    ivysom2017 Linden Williamson passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger has endless patience (which I must have tested many times). He is very friendly and his instructions are very clear. I was quite a nervous driver to start with and get very nervous in tests but Roger´s calm, relaxed manner made me much more confident. I definitely recommend Roger to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

    William Gibbs

    ivysom2017 William Gibbs passed with Ivy School Of Motoring iwillotter@msn.com


    NEW2 mins ago

    Rodger is an incredible driving instructor and I passed my test first time because of him. He built my confidence and taught me to drive to high standard whilst explaining the safety elements of driving. He never lost patience with me and was always honest about my driving ability. I would recommend Rodger to anyone that is learning to drive, he is a 10/10 driving instructor.

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    Rebecca Jane Parsons

    ivysom2017 Rebecca Jane Parsons passed with Ivy School Of Motoring 5 star

    Roger is by far the best driving instructor I´ve ever come across. He is patient, thorough and attentive. Doesn´t skip corners and explains things clearly enough that they sink in first time. Lessons are relaxed and we worked at a pace that suited my levels. I passed in only a matter of weeks with Roger and only 1 minor. I would never have been able to do it without him! I would recommend ivy school of motoring to anyone. 5****

    Tracy Metcalf

    ivysom2017 Tracy Metcalf passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a fantastic instructor he taught my sister my self and my daughter to drive highly recommend him 10/10

    Chloe Davis

    ivysom2017 Chloe Davis passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a brilliant instructor, very patient and professional. I would highly recommend 10/10

    Sam Cartwright

    ivysom2017 Sam Cartwright passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I couldn´t have been taught by a nicer bloke. Roger is always calm, patient and clear with his instructions, and I always feel confident driving with him inside the car. No question is ever too silly! The service he provides is second to none, being flexible and convenient. Thanks for everything!

    Wayne Rawlings

    ivysom2017 Wayne Rawlings passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Can´t speak highly enough of Roger! Excellent driving instructor, he´s a total professional and made me feel very comfortable when driving.

    Alexander Hodge

    ivysom2017 Alexander Hodge passed with Ivy School Of Motoring After being abandoned by my previous instructor, I was recommended to learn with Ivy School of Motoring. Roger is a phenomenal instructor and sorted out my severe clutch problem that I had developed with my previous instructor, before I even got in the drivers seat in my first lesson with him.

    After now passing my test with only 1 minor, I now feel confident enough to go out and drive on my own.

    Although I definitely must have tested his patience many times, he remains calm, pulls you over and talks you through exactly what you did wrong and how to learn from it.

    Roger teaches in a very straightforward manner, encouraging you to be very aware of what is far down the road, behind you, all around the car, what the immediate threats are etc. He does this while getting you to make solid progress at the same time, getting you to take opportunities rather than chances.

    Thanks for everything, Roger. Recommended. 5 Stars.

    Ellen Clarabut

    ivysom2017 Ellen Clarabut passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Well done Ellen Clarabut passed practical test only 4 minors great drive.

    James Moore

    ivysom2017 James Moore passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Well done James Moore passed practical test at Uxbridge DTC first time only one minor fault brilliant.

    Megan Northam

    ivysom2017 Megan Northam passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Well done passed practical test with only 4minor faults brilliant.

    Chloe Chamberlain

    ivysom2017 Chloe Chamberlain passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is an excellent driving instructor, he is calm and patient and easy to talk to. If you make any mistakes he ensures that you learn from them by explaining clearly what went wrong and how to improve. I highly recommend Ivy School of Motoring and Roger as I passed first time because of him.

    Martin Feeney

    ivysom2017 Martin Feeney passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a great instructor I would recommend Ivy to anyone.

    Jarvis Francis

    ivysom2017 Jarvis Francis passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I had the pleasure of having Roger as my instructor. He was a great guy and an even better teacher, he´d highlight any mistakes I made and ensured that I would learn from them and become a better driver. Proud to say I passed my test first time because of him and would recommend him to any new learners. Cheers Roger!

    Sergui Dan

    ivysom2017 Sergui Dan passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is the best instructor I have ever met. I would definitely recommend, anyone to take driving lessons with him. I can’t have enough wards to thank him for all the patience he had with me!

    Kajol Sembi

    ivysom2017 Kajol Sembi passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Comments to follow

    Dave Large

    ivysom2017 Dave Large passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a great instructor. Very patient and easy to understand. He is clear and concise with his instructions and clearly knows his job very well. 10/10. I would recommend him to any new driver.

    Reece Stone

    ivysom2017 Reece Stone passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Thank you Roger i was very nervous but you helped me to get more confidence and i passed first time very helpful and clear on his instructions i am very grateful ror all your help.

    Oliwia Molinska

    ivysom2017 Oliwia Molinska passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is fantastic instructor! He is very patient and his instructions are very clear. I passed with one minor fault and I can’t thank him enough for all his time, patience and efforts. I highly recommend Roger!

    Bran Searle

    ivysom2017 Bran Searle passed with Ivy School Of Motoring Roger is a calm and confident instructor - I came to driver training from motorcycling, and his ability to adapt the training to my existing skillset really helped. An excellent instructor, thoroughly recommended!

    Bradley Singleton

    ivysom2017 Bradley Singleton passed with Ivy School Of Motoring I cant thank Roger enough my sister and i both passed first time he is very patient and explains any problems clearly. I would recommend him to anyone 10/10

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