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    SHEFFIELD DRIVING LESSONS.Driving courses in sheffield .DAVES DRIVING SCHOOL SHEFFIELD Offering driving Lessons And Instruction With Proffesional Driving Instructor In SHEFFIELD* call 0114 2883171 or call or text 07778318328.DAVES DRIVING SCHOOL SHEFFIELD offering DRIVING LESSONS and INTENSIVE DRIVING LESSONS in SHEFFIELD and CRASH COURSES in SHEFFIELD by a high grade DRIVING INSTRUCTOR.

    36 passers comments


    Passed with only 4 minors with 30 hours of tuition .I started to learn to learn to drive later in life and had no one to take me out in lessons in between which worried me but Dave was a brilliant instructor and has taught me how to drive efficiently and safely. I would recommend to anyone. Simon 15th June 2015

    Izgun Gunsal

    I am very pleased about Dave. Passed with inly 2 minors. Good service. April 2018

    mick scarman

    Passed my driving test first time with 3 minors faults. I also took a 1.5 hour lesson on the motorway which was great. I now feel confident and safe on the road. Thanks Dave. A great instructor!30 july 2013


    I passed my driving test with dave within a week of my 17th birthday and only 15 hours of driving lessons.Due to work commitments i had to pass quick and dave came on his days off and really went the extra mile! Dave knew all the test routes and used diagrams to show you things such as roundabouts.His car is so easy to drive it really does help.Thanks so much dave! highly recommended.James august 2012

    Arsalan IQBAL

    Dave is an excellent instructor. If you´ve never drove a car before or looking to move to an instructor. Dave is the man! He is friendly, polite + very experienced. Regardless of your driving experience he will try his best to ensure you pass. I moved from a previous instructor to Dave, and within 10 lessons I was ready for my exam in which I passed with ease. 1 minor only. Thanks Dave.15th November 2016

    Mark Douglas

    like to say a big Thank you for helping me pass my test first time was great to find an instructor who wants you to pass more than take your money. Thanks a lot dave december 2014

    Kate Darby

    "Dave is an excellent driving instructor. He was extremely patient and allowed me to progress at my own pace. I had trouble at times with my nerves but Dave was really encouraging and always positive. I passed my driving test on the 15th April 2014, my second attempt and acquired only one fault! Thank you so much, really appreciate it. Choose Dave!"

    Jordan Byrne

    Thanks to Dave for helping me pass my test, would thoroughly recommend going with him to pass their test

    R knowles

    "Thanks to Dave I passed my driving test with a little over two weeks of lessons. His disarming manner and professional approach made learning a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.

    I would strongly recommend Dave as a driving instructor to anyone who was wanting to learn to drive."

    R knowles january 2013

    Steve Mitchell

    My partner had a seizure, meaning she had to surrender her driving licence...so I felt under a lot of pressure to pass my test quickly having two kids and one on the way! Dave was great, very patient, flexible and I passed first time after around 30 hours of lessons over 3 months. Thoroughly recommended if you need to pass quickly. Thanks for all your help, it´s made a huge difference.Steve 18december 2015


    I did 25 hours and passed first time thanks to Dave. He's a legend!

    A Moore

    I changed my driving lessons to daves due to my first instructor being impatient with me. Thanks to Dave's calm, friendly attitude put me at ease and abled me to pass my test with just 2 faults.


    I Had 30 hour intensive course with dave over 3 weeks without ever driving a car before in my life! passed first time with one minor fault! could not ask for a better instructor!! april 2013

    cheers dave!

    adam fairclough

    In 6 hours of lessons with Dave I learned all of the manoeuvres and a lot about general driving. Incredible teaching led to me passing with only 3 minors. Having failed with another teacher who was nowhere near as competent, Dave was a great help in getting me to be of a good enough quality to pass my test.adam January 2015

    Katie Hill

    Dave has been an amazing driving teacher and helped me to pass in just 4 months. I´m not the most confident driver and have stopped and started with my lessons for years with a few different teachers but I have finally managed it and am so proud. I would definitely recommend Dave. Thank you´ January 2015

    m fern

    Dave´s brilliant. Calm, concise and very patient, he´ll help you progress at what ever pace you decide.

    His professional approach keeps you learning new things, while building your confidence.

    Gives you lots of feed back and makes driving fun.

    Cheers Dave!. august 2013

    ?Jamie Fletcher?

    Friendly, Professional and Good value for money. !

    If your looking for a instructor who knows there stuff then dave is your man.

    THANKS DAVE October 2017

    nicole egan

    ´´ I finally passed! I have had two bad instructors before and had a 8 month break then I found Dave, I passed on my 2nd time with only 4 faults a my partner passed on his 1st time with only 2 faults, we both think Dave is honest and patient and we both will defiantly recommend him. Nicole & Lewis

    Nicole Egan september 2013

    Ryan Bausor

    Passed 1st time!!! Only did 25 hours worth of lessons, never canceled on me, worked to my schedule, patient, tells you what you need to pass 1st time. Great price, great all round person. Thank you very much Dave!7/12/17

    Michaella Tteralli

    I had 2 driving instructors before Dave and none of them were as patient as Dave was. I passed my driving test with 2 minors with around 30 hours of lessons with Dave!. august 2013


    I passed with only 3 minor faults after 22 hours intensive driving with Dave. His friendly, professional and straight-forward tuition gave me confidence for my test, allowing me to pass first time

    many thanks again dave

    Matt 29.3.11

    Martin D

    After taking lessons with Dave I passed my test first time with only 2 minor faults. I believe that Dave's friendly and professional manner helped me believe in my driving ability and was a big help in me passing.


    i compleated a semi intensive 20 hour course and passed with just 2 faults thanks to daves professional frendly instruction.thanks again dave adam 26 th febuary 2011

    dave r

    I first took my test in 1986 and failed and after 25 years of not driving i started lessons again last year and passed 1st time with only 2 faults!!

    Thanks Dave for all your help,you are a top man!.16 april 2011

    Dave R


    daves easily best driving teacher out.i passed with only 3 faults.its been a good driving with dave.thanks alot dave


    Dave is a excelent driving instructor, he is reliable, always on time, patient, calm & professional.

    thankyou for all your help dave.

    jenny. AUGUST 2012

    ?Ollie Bailey?

    100% recommended Dave passed first time with Dave great teacher June 2017

    Abbie Deleval

    Passed first time after under 30 hours semi intensive course thanks to Daves guidance. He´s always on time and was able to fit lessons around my busy schedule. Would 100% recommend to anyone. October 2017


    I had 14 hours this month with Dave and passed first time! his approach to teaching driving is brilliant and makes you feel confident behind the wheel! Thanks dave!!april 2013

    Many Thanks

    Bridie Healey-Wild

    matt oldham

    I was told by work that I had to pass to avoid being made redundant, I had 2 week to do so, so booked in with dave on a 20 hr course first time.

    Couldn't reccomend him any more than I already do, patience of a saint and very honest with it, and his teaching methods are second to none with his explanations of mistakes with diagrams to help you understand easier. Matt june 2011


    only had 10 hrs worth of lessons with dave and passed my test first time with no faults!! excellent driving instructor with excellent detailed lessons to suit individual needs. thanks dave october 2011

    Louise Ogden

    Highly recommend Dave passed first time only 4 driver faults. Cheers very much . April 2018

    R campbell

    Dave is a friendly, and very experienced driving instructor and a good, patient teacher. I received feedback each lesson which helped build my confidence, and target areas for improvement. The pace of tuition is flexible, and I was allowed to learn and gain experience at a steady rate over 32 hours, covering all aspects of driving comprehensively. So pleased to have passed my test, cheers Dave april 2014

    joe humpheries

    I passed first time with dave. had not drove a car before last week. daves patience and knowledge of driving helped me pass with just 22 hours driving. thanks dave! joe 12th april 2012

    Sam Trotter

    Just passed my driving test first time with Dave. Only had about 15 hours of driving, but that´s all I needed with Dave. Only one fault on my test as well. Should have been none but I did a bay park at the end and wasn´t sure I was in the lines so brought it out and straightened it. Ecstatic that I´ve passed anyway though, couldn´t have done it without Dave.August 2016

    caroline j

    i passed with dave with 25 hours of lessons.also all my frends who took lessons with dave also passed first time

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