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    Daisy Willard Driving Instructor Chichester
    If you´re nervous about learning to drive you need not worry; I am very patient and will never put you in a situation that you are uncomfortable or unable to cope with. Lessons can start and end wherever you need them to, whether that be school, college, work or home.

    The amount of lessons required completely depends on the individual; some will learn in a matter of weeks, some may take longer. It does help if you have a car which you can practice in between lessons (please ensure you have the correct insurance in place before driving a friends/family car), by no means is it essential but as they say ´practice makes perfect´ .

    I appreciate that for parents it is important to choose the right instructor for your child. I am more than happy for you to call me to discuss any queries you may have, alternatively we can arrange to have a chat before or after any lesson. I am also happy for you to sit in on the lessons from time to time (this can be useful if you will be helping them practice in your car). It is important to remember that the DSA Driving Test requirements have changed over the years.

    I will be covering the current syllabus in full but if you have any issues regarding the advice given please do not hesitate to contact me; I would much rather you understood the reason why I am teaching your daughter/son to drive in a different way to how you were taught.

    Please visit www.daisysdrivingschool.co.uk for more information.

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