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    Buskin School of Motoring offers high quality driving lessons with a professional instructor within Leicestershire

    50 passers comments

    Steph McCarthy (Barlestone)

    Having Barry as a teacher was the best decision I made! I passed first time and it was all down to Barry, his way of teaching made me a more confident driver.

    Alicia Watson (Earl Shilton)

    Barry was a patient and friendly instructor, who helped me a lot on growing confidence. I had a different driving instructor before Barry and failed twice with them. I then was recommend by my sisters as they passed with him first time on their driving tests. I then had few weeks worth of lessons before my test and passed with him with no minors. I would recommend Barry to anybody wanting to learn to drive as he was reassuring. Alicia

    Kerry Moore (Newbold Verdon)

    Thanks to Barry, I managed to pass first time despite how nervous i was,he is an excellent instructor,he made learning enjoyable and gave me confidence in my driving. I would recommend him to everyone that wants to learn to drive & thank you so much for putting up with my 5mins of madness kerry x

    Danny Richards ( Newbold Verdon)

    Thanks to Barry I appreciate everything a lot! Barry is a very good instructor I wouldn´t of passed without him He helped me a lot and got me passed very quickly.

    Lewis Gaskell ( Newbold Verdon)

    I´ve just recently passed my test first time with no drivers faults with Buskin School of Motoring. Barry was very friendly and an all round great instructor! Highly recommended!

    Luke Maxted (Peckelton)

    Barry was an excellent teacher, who was extremely patient and made driving lessons relaxed and enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone

    Ali Moore (Newbold Verdon)

    Made learning to drive less scary and more fun, an excellent and very patient teacher!

    Josh Bonner (Newbold Verdon)

    Barry was an excellent teacher, highly recommend to everyone great driving instructor. Makes you very comfortable and confident

    Megan Ridgway (Desford)

    I would strongly recommend anyone to learn to drive with Barry as he is very relaxed and fun but is also a very understanding and professional driving instructor. He made me feel completely at ease from the start and was always very patient and easy to talk to! I was so happy to pass my driving test but part of me very much misses my driving lessons and laughs every week with Barry! A top driving instructor, you will definitely find no better!

    Emily Arnold ( Kirkby Mallory)

    Both my parents and I are extremely glad that I chose Buskin School of Motoring to learn to drive with. Barry is very professional whilst at the same time being friendly and I have always felt comfortable when driving with him. I would definitely recommend him and my younger sibling will have Barry too as he is worth every penny. I couldn´t have passed as quickly without him!

    Thanks a million again and thank you for the card also.

    Sam Collins (Desford)

    It has been a pleasure to learn to drive with Barry Buskin. His patience, knowledge and general good nature ensures an extremely enjoyable but professional driving experience and will definitely be recommended to anyone and everyone, thanks again Barry!

    Lilly Smith (Leicester)

    I would highly recommend Barry to everyone that is learning to drive. He was dead patient and didn´t shout or loose his temper like my previous instructor did. I had real trouble with my reversing and failed two tests with my previous instructor, but Barry showed me a different way to do them and it worked a treat. Thanks so much Barry, I´d never done it without you! Nice aftershave btw lol :)

    Lewis Housley ( Nailstone)

    This is my review. Thanks for everything for always pushing me and keeping me positive and motivated to keep going. You are without a doubt the main reason I managed to pass I highly recommend Barry to anyone he´s a top bloke and a amazing driving instructor who is always willing to help with anything and always pushing to make you the best you can be. I had lost faith in my ability and myself but Barry always kept pushing and kept my spirits high all I can say is if you want to pass and you want to enjoy your experience ring Barry 👍 thanks so much for everything you are a top bloke and I am so glad you kept me going.

    Steve Baker ( Barton in the Beans)

    "I passed first time with no minors and after just 2 months. At the end of the test my examiner said he wished more candidates were as well prepared as me. None of this would have been possible without Barry´s help. A truly outstanding instructor. He may not be the cheapest, but you won´t find any better. Worth every penny."

    Julie Clarke ( Newbold Verdon)

    Barry is amazing! Never thought anyone would get me through my test... but Barry did! He´s a great instructor, professional, but really put me at ease, plus he´s a good laugh too!!

    Thank you so much for putting up with me and my constant ´freak outs´! Who said you can´t teach an old dog new tricks hey :P

    You´re a star Barry... Thank you ;)

    Rhianne Bates (Barlestone)

    ´I have really enjoyed my lessons with Barry as an instructor, I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to start learning to drive, he has always arrived on time, been very pleasant, friendly and helpful and I couldn´t of wished for a better instructor, me, my mum and dad have been very greatful for everything he has done for us to help me get through my test, thankyou again Barry´

    Lisa Morgan (Market Bosworth)

    Barry is the Best Instructor, I still can´t believe I´ve passed my test and that thanks to Barry. I´ve learnt so much from him and everything seemed easy.

    Liam Benson ( Barlestone)

    Choosing to do my driving lessons with Barry was an extremely good decision. The lessons progressed really quickly and so were very worth while. Also the encouragement that was given from Barry each lesson made me feel at ease and enabled me to learn much quicker! I would very highly recommend to anyone that´s starting their driving lessons.

    Aimee Brown (Leicester)

    Would recommend Buskin School Of Motoring to anyone. I passed first time with only one minor. I enjoyed my lessons and never felt pressured into doing things that I wasn´t ready to do. Barry has a way of telling you when you have done things wrong in such a nice way and is so positive and makes you feel ten feet tall when you have done things better. It worked for me and now have got myself a lovely Fiat 500. Thanks Barry

    Lauren Garden ( Earl Shilton )

    Barry is a great instructor and helped me pass first time. He gave me lots of confidence and I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again barry :)

    Katie Ward ( Newbold Verdon)

    Thank you so much Barry for helping me pass first time! Never could have done it without you. Definitely going to miss the laughs we had and the lessons are worth every penny. He was always calm and patient during the lessons. Such a fun and ´kwl´ guy, I would recommend him to anyone.

    Cheers, Katie

    Steve Cope (Newbold Verdon)

    Friendly and professional instructor, very highly recommended!

    Katie Mahon (Desford)

    Barry has been a brilliant driving instructor, and helped me pass first time! His lessons were professional and enjoyable, plus we could have a right laugh! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

    Luke Pettit ( Newbold Verdon)

    Barry is a very good driving instructor and without him I wouldn´t have passed first time, would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

    Johno (Hinckley)

    Great instructor. patient and likeable and if you read this Barry, I wouldnt have done it without you mate. Johno..

    Charlotte Knight ( Groby)

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of my driving lessons and Barry was an amazing instructor. I never felt under pressure and always felt as if I had his full concentration throughout my lessons. I highly recommend him as he is so friendly and helped me to pass first time! Fantastic driving school!

    Alan Morgan (Market Bosworth)

    After passing my driving test on the first attempt i strongly recommend learning to drive with Barry Buskin, his prices are very reasonable but more importantly the quality of driving tuition is second to none. He allows you to relax and feel very confident right from the very first lesson. Alan

    Rich Callus (Newbold Verdon)

    Barry Buskin is an excellent driving instructor. I have now passed my test, first time; and felt fully prepared and ready to face the driving exam. Barry was very patient, humorous and friendly and really put me at ease when I first got behind the wheel. He helped me enormously and without his expert guidance, support and tuition I may not have passed with only one minor on the first attempt.

    The driving sessions are suited and tailored to each person. We each learn at a different pace and this was taken into account, so my confidence could grow and my experience on the road could also be developed. I would recommend Barry Buskin to everybody considering to learn to drive, because I don´t think I would have been as successful as I was - as quick as I was.

    Rhys Warren (Market Bosworth)

    Barry is a brilliant instructor very understanding and thoroughly explains things. He was very good as I work nights so needed my lessons to be flexible to change which was never a problem ! I´d strongly recommend Barry to anyone. Why choose anyone else ? See you on the road.. Thanks again Rhys

    Fiona Walton (Leicester)

    Highly Recommend. Briliantand friendly instructor. Passed First time. Also I enjoyed Barrys smiles of miles day trip. I learnt more on that realy helped me..

    Stacey French ( Newbold Verdon )

    Just passed first time and I could not have done it without all the support from Barry. Driving didn´t come naturally to me at first but Barry helped a lot with my confidence and has the patience of a saint! Thanks again Barry I´ll give you a beep if I see you around! :)

    Daniel Collings (Barlestone)

    Passed my driving test first time with no minors. I would recomend Barry to absolutely anyone who is looking to start driving. Barry is an incredible instructor and it has been a pleasure learning from him.

    Thanks again Barry

    Alice Chapman (Newbold Heath)

    Barrys a great teacher and helped a lot with my confidence, hes a great instructer so if your looking to start driving go with barry!

    Katie Poole ( Barlestone )

    Can´t recommend Barry highly enough, fab instructor professional yet friendly, couldn´t of passed without him!´

    Toni (Barlestone)

    Brilliant, top driving school. realiable & friendly tuition. 10/10..

    Mathew Hewitt (Barwell)

    Would like to say a big thank you to Barry for being a brilliant instructor and providing a very simple but very effective approach for learning to drive. I would always recommend Barry to anyone, he was a great help and I passed with zero faults & passed first time ! thanks for everything.

    Duran Cummins (Barlestone)

    Past my Driving Test FIRST TIME with 0 minors!!!!! Thanks so much to Barry for teaching me,definitely recommend him to anyone who´s looking to start.

    Paige Harris ( Newbold Verdon )

    I passed first time and could not have done it without Barrys help. He made the experience really pleasant and enjoyable and I progressed and improved quickly. I had great encouragement all the way through, fantastic guy and fabulous instructor would highly recommend! Thanks again Barry X

    Jess Dyson (Barlestone)

    I would highly recommend Barry as he´s very calm and patient and explains everything really clearly. He also really helped me to improve my confidence in my driving, so thanks a lot Barry!

    Margret Wilson (L.F.E.)

    It has taken me 15 years to find a driving school as good as this. I have had many different instructors, but Barry was a fantastic teacher. I must admit I have found it hard to learn to drive to be honest. I perhaps have made the mistake of going down the route of cheap lessons, but let me say, you get what you pay for, without a doubt! Barry is so patient, understanding ( and didnt shout at me like the instuctor I had before him) and to make it even better, has a great sense of humour, which made me look foward to my lessons.

    If you want to learn well and enjoy your lessons, this is the one for you. 5 *****star.

    Mathew Wardle ( Market Bosworth)

    Thank you so much Barry. He is a very good driving instructor who helped me to pass my test first time round. He always arrived on time and was extremely patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Lucy (Desford)

    First Class, very patient and likeable driving instructor. Learnt so much from him and passed first time! Barry always was promp with his time keepings and made me feel special and taught me well. Highly recommend.( Cute car too)..

    Sam Holroyd ( Desford )

    Barry is a fantastic instructor, learnt everything I know from him, highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, thanks for everything.

    Owen Brown ( Newbold Verdon )

    I passed my test first time with Barry and I couldn´t be happier with him! My confidence and ability improved very quickly thanks to the excellent lessons. I highly recommend Barry if you want to learn!

    Jack Collin ( Congerstone)

    Barry is a fantastic instructor, he was really flexibly when it came to booking lessons and his professional tuition helped me pass first time. Can´t recommend him highly enough.

    Josh Burbank ( Newbold Verdon)

    Barry is a great teacher and it was a pleasure to learn from him! He is patient and very helpful, I would recommend him to anyone!

    Jess Veasey (Market Bosworth)

    ´Barry is a really nice, patient instructor. He´s very calm and made me feel very comfortable and confident, and was a really good laugh too!.

    I´d recommend him to anyone.´

    Hannah Statham ( Newbold Verdon )

    Well after what feels like ages of driving I finally passed my test first time!!! driving never came natural to me but I would 100% book your lessons with Barry. He was so calm and positive every lesson I had couldn´t ask for a better instructor!!!

    Thank you so much for your help, will defiantly miss the banter! :)

    Emma-Louise Smith (Leicester)

    Whoooooooo, YES, YES, YES. omg I can´t believe it, thanx soooooo much Baz. Passed first time. I never thought I would. I´m sooooooo happy !!!!! Your the best Baz, I´m gona miss yer. if I can pass, anyone can lol. Everyone go and see Baz, he will sort yer. The BEST EVER. Love Em xxx

    Laura Palmer ( Newbold Heath)

    Barry was an amazing instructor,I wouldn´t of passed without his help, he helped me become more confident, he also makes me feel comfortable when driving and happy! Definitely recommend him to anyone ! X

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