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    High quality driving lessons with qualified instructor in and around Bourne

    Passers gallery - 12 entries

    Richard Wells, Pointon

    bourne22017 Richard Wells, Pointon passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Richard says:

    " Steve was very easy to get on with and I found him especially good at teaching manoeuvres. His good instructing showed because I passed in under 2 months from my 17th birthday with 3 minors."

    Sherri, Bourne

    bourne22017 Sherri, Bourne passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Sherri says: "I found Steve to have a no nonsense attitude towards his instructions.

    He does what it says on the tin, but with a good sense of humour.

    Thanks for a first time pass."

    Lauren Donnelly, Pointon

    bourne22017 Lauren Donnelly, Pointon passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Lauren says:"As a brand new driver Steve made me feel very relaxed on the road and helped me to build up my confidence to then instruct me to a very high standard. I felt I was progressing much quicker than I expected to as well as compared to other friends with different instructors. I enjoyed my time learning to drive with Steve and I will definitely be highly recommending him!"

    Ryan Wesley, Millthorpe

    bourne22017 Ryan Wesley, Millthorpe passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Ryan says:"I started learning to drive with Steve on the recommendation of a friend. I found him to be calm and friendly with a good sense of humour. His relaxed approach not just teaches you how to pass your test but prepares you to be a good driver. If you listen to what he says and follow his teaching methods then you will be fine. Thanks to Steve I passed my test with no minors."

    Beth, Bourne

    bourne22017 Beth, Bourne passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Beth says."Steve´s lessons were a great experience for me as they not only included the obvious information needed to pass my test but also how to drive when I was on my own, which has proven very useful!

    The lessons we also made entertaining by Steve´s charismatic personality!"

    Joe Stuttle, Billingborough

    bourne22017 Joe Stuttle, Billingborough passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Joe says."I started driving with Steve on a recommendation from a friend, I thought it would be time consuming and expensive to learn but the price was very reasonable and every lesson was fun and of an incredibly high standard. I passed first time and and enjoyed every lesson. Thanks Steve!"

    Mrs X Ellis, Morton

    bourne22017 Mrs X Ellis, Morton passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Mrs Ellis says,"I have previously been taught by another instructor. After two times of failing the test, I decided it was about

    time to try a different instructor. After my first lesson with Steve, my understanding of driving was opened up to me in a totally new light.

    I couldn´t praise Steve enough. He was warm, friendly, thorough, and exerting the right balance of pushing me and challenging

    me . He was so calm, yet humorous and very good at giving instructions and explaining why

    things are done in a certain way. He covered all the relevant sections

    that I needed to pass, and I have passed the test with confidence after only less than 10 hours of lessons.

    Steve has made me an intelligent and proactive, not re-active driver.

    Now I feel much more confident and in control with my driving.

    My daughter will be at the age learning how to drive soon. I definitely

    will choose Steve as her instructor."

    Patrick, Morton

    bourne22017 Patrick, Morton passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Patrick says, "The first thing I have to say about Steve is not only is he a fantastic and knowledgeable driving instructor, but he is also a friendly and easy to speak to man. He makes you feel at ease in the car, and at no point did I feel that the car was driving me, I can only put this down to Steves reassuring words and calm nature. I stepped into Steves car with a lack of driving knowledge, and it would be fair to say that I was not the most natural of drivers in the first few weeks. However, Steve is very knowledgeable, very understanding and patient. He will be teaching you when sometimes you do not even realise you are being taught, and you will finish a lesson feeling like you have fully accomplished everything to the best of your ability. Steve was the only driving instructor I used, and I can only recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. He is a huge credit to his profession, and I did not realise how good he was until I came away with a first time pass, with just the one minor. He sets himself high standards, and loves the challenge of getting you that pass, all for a very reasonable price. The final thing I have to say is that as the saying goes, you start to learn to drive after you have passed your test, in some ways I agree, but Steve teaches you to be an intelligent driver who is pro-active and always thinking about what is going on in front of you, you are more ready than most new drivers out there."

    Thank you Steve, for everything.

    Jen, Bourne

    bourne22017 Jen, Bourne passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Jen says, "I Would like to say a massive thank you Steve he was very patient with me. He is a great instructor and if I found that I did not understand what he was saying he would find different ways of explaining it. You dont realize how good he is until you take your test. Another good thing about him is he tells you how it is, he wont pussy foot around you which I think is good because you dont want to get praised for something which you are doing wrong. Many people have told me when they passed their test they were nervous about going out for the first time by them selves, but the way Steve teaches you is that the nerves are not there because you are confident in yourself that you know what to do. I am confident that he is one of the best instructors around because if he can get me to pass first time then he can get anyone to!!! Defiantly recommend him. Steve was recommended to me by several people, as when I moved to Bourne I did not know any driving instructors. I wanted to find someone that I knew people that had used before so they could tell me if he was good and I never heard one negative word about him unlike other instructors in the area. He is a nice chap and a right laugh." Once again THANKS STEVE :D

    Alexa Howard, Bourne

    bourne22017 Alexa Howard, Bourne passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Alexa says, "If you want to learn to drive with knowledge and confidence, Steve is your man. He works you hard and has high standards for a reason, because if you listen and follow his instruction as I learnt to do, you will pass. In fact the test will seem a breeze because you will be empowered with all the skills you will need. When I started to learn to drive I was nervous and lacking in self belief and confidence that I would get through my test, let alone pass first time with only 1 minor. Steves professional and relaxed personality made him very easy to get on with, though rest assured he doesn´t hold any prisoners and it´s that element which I loved about my lessons and meant quick progression. It was an exercise in trust and the intregity and honesty that Steve shows in his work made learning to drive a life changing experience for me and I will forever be thankful to Steve for that. Thank you."

    Jack Gandy, Bourne

    bourne22017 Jack Gandy, Bourne passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Jack says,"After completing my university studies, I decided it was finally time to attain my full driving license, after having a provisional license for many years. I had taken one driving test 3 years previous, which I failed, but returning from university, I had discovered my previous instructor had since retired. After researching some instructors in the area, and seeing what a great record Steve had, I decided to take my driving lessons with him, and what a good decision that was! Steve showed me that by applying his methods to control the vehicle, it was possible to drive effectively and safely on the road. Steve also has excellent methods concerning the driving manoeuvres, which are simple and effective if you learn and apply the processes associated to them. On test day, although nervous, we went over everything, from manoeuvres and the rules of the road, to the show me, tell me questions. Once the driving test itself was over, I discovered that I passed with only five minors!! The most important aspect about Steve however is himself: he is a calm, intelligent and reassuring instructor, who is also very sociable, with no lesson ever being dull, boring or quiet, but they were educational, enjoyable and above all, excellent!! I would more than recommend any learners out there to consider having Steve as your instructor, but once again, thank you Steve!!"

    Archie Trower, Aslackby

    bourne22017 Archie Trower, Aslackby passed with BOURNE2DRIVE Archie says,"Before I started up with Steve I had failed 5 driving tests for various silly reasons, I was starting to despair, but as soon as I got in the car I knew I was in a safe pair of hands, someone who really knew what he was talking about! He has such a different, and fantastic, style of teaching to what I´d experienced before. I passed first time after my lessons with Steve, and can´t thank him enough!"

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