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Scam & Spam emails

Spam mail

Spam e-mails are a real pain and it's easy to get very annoyed with them. Most customers have contact forms with anti-spam features built in so most of the spam received will be sent direct (ie. not via the site) and there are few reliable ways of dealing with them.

Mail filters are fine in theory but can treat genuine mails as scam/spam and remove them. The spammers of course simply change the way their mails are sent so theirs will still get through so it really is an uphill battle. Note : we are now putting new sites live without the email showing on the site to help reduce this.

Scam mail

Although very annoying, the main concern is not the mails selling you all kinds of stuff you really don't want, it's the risk of getting malicious code activated on your PC that is most worrying. The general rule of thumb is not to open any mail attachments or click any links if you are not sure if the mails are genuine or not.

These mails can look very convincing but I hope that this guide will help you quickly identify genuine from fake so you won't waste loads of time when going through your e-mails

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