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Who is 'Driving Instructor Sites' and why trust us with your Website?

Darren Berrecloth, Driving instructor sites

Driving Instructor Sites is an individually run business set up in 2007 to provide high quality sites at a realistic price and backed up with GREAT customer service.

I am Darren Berrecloth and since 2003, as well as working as a professional photographer, I had been creating bespoke (one off) websites for a diverse range of clients including Savile Row tailors, Recycling companies and furniture restorers.

In 2006, I was approached by a driving instructor who wanted me to create a website for him. He had found that the company he was using were simply too expensive with excessive charges for even the most basic changes (£35 + vat to change the phone number on the site!)*.

During our conversations I realised there was a need for good quality sites with great customer service at a realistic cost and in 2006, I started offering websites specifically created with driving instructors in mind.

Since then, I have developed the sites so customers can edit their site content, prices and much more via a custom built control panel while retaining the excellent level of service my customers had come to expect.

Managed content

As well as having editable content allowing customers to personalise the sites, they also contain 'managed content'. This includes, for example, the 'Show me/ Tell me' questions and responses for the practical test. These managed sections have content that I update as and when required. So should, for example, the DVSA change any part of this information, I can automatically update the content on your site so you don't have to worry about it.

Who builds and looks after your site?

All my sites are created 'in house' by myself as is the control panel. This means that should you require any changes to be made, have an enquiry or a problem, you know that you will not be passed from pillar to post before getting something done!

Despite many thinking Driving Instructor Sites is a larger, office based design company, this is not the case. I don't have a 24/7 call centre where you can talk at anytime to someone who knows nothing about your site! I am a team of 1! This means I am able to offer a very personal service and build a solid business relationship with customers who know they can trust my service and advice.

Hidden Costs?

Seriously, there are none! The prices shown for the sites are 'on the road' including desktop AND dedicated mobile layout and all hosted on our dedicated server managed by a top UK based hosting company. Changes to the site that can't be made via the control panel are also included. No matter what layout you decide to start with, the renewal of the service after the first year is the same and can be paid by direct debit at £15/mth but other options are available.

See before you buy

Since I first started, I've liked potential customers to be able to see their site before they order and will gladly build a demo site FREE and with NO OBLIGATION! You won't be subjected to a slick sales pitch or hard sell but I will help, in plain English, with any queries you may have.

Simply choose the design layout you want to start from and complete the demo request form and I'll do the rest.

Should you have any questions prior to requesting your demo then please email or call me on 0787 603 1945

I look forward to speaking with you soon


*You may be interested to know this customer is still using my services!

**This is with the exception of certain domain types e.g. .uk.com and .i.e