ADI Training videos provide a useful training resource for Driving Instructors who are starting or have failed their part 3

If you are starting, or have failed your part 3, then you may be interested in these training videos created by Blaine Walsh, an ORDIT registered driving instructor trainer in Portsmouth.

Also coming soon is a similar concept for learners. Your pupils will be able to watch these videos to keep what they have learnt during their lessons fresh in their minds.

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  The following testimonials are real emails from people I've helped to pass over the years. You can also view other comments about my videos on our driving instructor forum

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Hello Blaine,

I'd just like to thank you for the help your videos gave on passing my part 3 exam. They gave me a true insight into what to expect and therefore put me in front of the game so to speak .Your teaching style is relaxed yet very thorough and put over in a way which is very easy to understand. The amount of information that you have on the part 3 exam on your web site is also the key to success, to spend that amount of time out on the road to cover all the subjects and grades etc could take 6 months or more.

On my side I have spent a lot of time going over and over your videos and rewriting my lesson plans until I was happy with them and then using them on my learners to fine tune them. Yes I have worked very hard but then nothing good comes easy. I now want to continue to improve myself as I will not be happy unless I feel my learners are getting the very best from me.


David Kenyon  DSA ADI (car)

Hi Blaine,

I passed my part 3 in Sept 2008 (2nd go), due to circumstances beyond my control I didn't have the luxury of taking a PDI ticket and had to go straight for the 'Green'.

I had good training from my instructor but the videos were a valuable supplement and helped me to consolidate my training in lieu of being able to put it into practice.

Having failed part 3 once I was really nervous but the videos went a long way to taking some of the mystery of part 3 away, on the day of the test I played a couple of them through to get me in the mood.

Although I owe much of my thanks to my own instructor I would like to thank you for providing a really useful supplement to my training in the absence of practical experience as a PDI.

Take care.

Mark Spice DSA ADI(car)

Hi Blaine,

Well I am sitting here at the end of my day off, having spent most of it watching the videos on this fantastic site.

I am however extremely cheesed off as I only wish I had discovered it two years ago when i started out on my path to becoming an ADI.

I used a well known big establishment to learn my trade and wasted nearly £3000 doing so.

Three pink badges and two failed part three attempts decided to give up the establishment and buried my head into the internet and taught myself....bought DVDs, books you name it I did it.

Luckily last day of third badge sat third attempt, PST10 and passed with a 5-4.

Cheesed off because I have no doubt could have achieved the same result probably better on first attempt if I had found this Site and for only £20....WOW. What value for money.

Christopher Deane DSA ADI(car) 


Hello Blaine

I write to thank you for helping me to become an ADI. I discovered your website in March 2008, just a few weeks prior to my Part 3 test. I had been given excellent training from my instructor, but was struggling to get into the role-play mode. Watching your videos confirmed everything my instructor told me, but it was seeing someone else (i.e. Lisa on the videos) doing what I was supposed to do, that gave me more confidence in treating the examiner as a pupil. I managed to get a 5/6 on my first attempt and am sure that this was because of: (a) good instruction, (b) your videos and (c) taking paracetamol for chronic toothache (not recommended!)

I was recently invited for Check Test, so my first port of call was your website. I was so pleased to find that there were videos relating to this! I opted for role-play as I had recently set up on my own and wasn't sure about having a suitable pupil - big mistake because it wasn't anything like the Part 3 (a long story!), but I managed to get a grade 4 so I am not too disappointed.

I've been watching the videos of 'Lessons With a Real Learner' and find them very helpful and hope there will be more of the same.

Thank you again.

Helen Sharkey DSA ADI(car)  

When I went to Blaine, it was in desperation and basically panic. I had, like many others, been drawn in by the hype and advertising of shall we say a large instructor teaching facility. I got through parts 1 and 2, fairly painlessly, they helped at the right points.

Then part three, and my 5 day training course, in-car, MMM well that is almost overstating it already. The instructor I had, went against the basic rules of instruction, was impatient, stroppy even, and basically was in over their head. Needless to say I left the course downhearted and certainly not feeling ready to pass my test.

Then Blaine came to the rescue. Sound teaching, good advise, and a method that is beyond description, except brilliant. He got me through the test, even though another establishment will take the credit, wish I had seen him first.

Many thanks Blaine, and I will be back for refreshers.

Steve Bonnick DSA ADI(car)

A very professional and high standard of ADI training. He knows what the DSA wants and he prepares you to exceed their goal in a firm but friendly manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs to improve their skills or prepare for a DSA check test.

John Dally DSA ADI (car)  

I found Blaine's training a great help in preparing for my second attempt at the part 3 exam and i have no reservations in recommending Blaine to anyone considering ADI training.

Graham Head DSA ADI (car)

Blaine is such an amazing person!

Intelligent, kind and patient with a wonderful sense of humour, getting in touch with him was without a doubt the best decision I made during my efforts to pass Part Three.

He works really hard at finding out what the examiners are looking for and passing the information on to his pupils. His style is very relaxed and humorous and he makes the subject quite fascinating. He put me at ease very quickly and for the first time I found I was actually enjoying the training!

Making a video of the lesson is a really useful idea as you can go over it as many times as you want and recap on anything you need to. (They are also really good fun to watch!).

I was really lucky to find Blaine - I couldn't have got through the Part Three test without his excellent teaching and sound advice and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of becoming an A.D.I.

Hilary Travers DSA ADI (car)

Ditto ditto ditto to everything everyone else has said.

Whenever I have read columns like this I've always thought to myself, are they for real. Well I know this one is!

I had two trainers before I was introduced to Blaine. I was feeling frustrated knowing that the training I had received so far may well have taught me something about being a driving instructor but was not going to get me through the part 3 exam. Having been through part3 once I knew I had to be better prepared next time. I will always be thankful for being pointed in the right direction because I know I would not have passed if it wasn't for Blaine and he taught me so much which has made me a better driving instructor. When I took my part 3 It was as though Blaine was there.

The wording and the life lines that the examiners were using were just as Blaine had prepared me for. He takes the trouble to sit in on so many exams so that he is up to date on what the examiners are looking for. Advice to any P.D.I's out there if you are about to invest money in training then just go and see Blaine Walsh first if you don't think he's for you then you haven't lost anything and any A.D.I trainers out there who are reading this If you want to be a good trainer and have fantastic feedback like Blaine's then why not go and see him and find out what makes him so good!
Many thanks Blaine

Wendy Heath
D.S.A; A.D.I ( car ) oh that feels so good. :o)  

Ten years ago I came from Spain to work and learn English. Being a waiter wasn’t my dream so I went to one of these driving schools for a chat. Soon I was signing a contract with them of £2000. People were really nice but I didn’t get what I expected. What a pity! “If I only knew this before”.

You can pass parts 1 and 2 easily with professional help. Then you get stuck with part three and you realize that some companies that ask you for the money in front are just pure business and there is no way back.

I went to part 3 and failed twice with 3/3 and then someone recommended me Blaine. After all the money I had spent I thought paying another £30 an hour for another instructor was too much but I was curious about this camera that records everything that happens on the car.

Honestly I cannot really find the appropriate words to describe the way that Blaine teaches. He is too good to be truth. I had all the theory in my head but I didn’t have a clue of how to use it and what to say at the right time. I am a slow learner and part 3 is not easy. I took some lessons from Blaine and he gave me the “magic tips”.

I knew I needed time to go through these tapes so I watched them over and over and over again. I went to the test and I got 4/4. I thought I had very few chances of passing but Blaine made that dream come true.

Anyone out there struggle ling for real help must call Blaine. There is no commitment and you won’t regret it. In fact you will not believe that someone like him can help you so much.
Best regards

Simon Alvarez DSA ADI (car)

Blaine comes across as a very professional instructor. His training techniques and general know how of the part 3 syllabus has helped me become an approved driving instructor. On board cameras enabled me to do fault analysis within my own technique. I would highly recommend Blaine to future candidates who wish to become A.D.I\'s.

Martin Fogwill DSA ADI(car)

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