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Why is upgrading to V5 important for you?

Upgrading to v5 gives you a number of new features and improved structure but really importantly, will mean that any future changes will be automatically loaded.

The last upgrade you will ever need - GUARANTEED!

I wanted to do this as, after I'd started upgrading sites to version 4, I was making changes and new features which meant that new and upgraded sites were quickly becoming 'out of date' and this didn't doesn't seem fair to me. I did try and go back over sites to add the required changes but this is obviously impractical on an ongoing basis.

I've put a huge amount of work into the development of this new upgrade with the intention of it being the last upgrade you'll need by completely restructuring the sites so I can keep them up to date automatically with changes including (but not restricted to) :

• Coding to keep up with layout techniques favoured by the latest internet browsers
• Changes to keep the site coding up to date with the search engines preferences
• Automatic addition of any new free features I create e.g. the new image sliders
• Compatibility with all new features and options

So what it I want to change layouts in the future?

The structure change means that in future, you will only change the layout should you get bored with yours but will not require an upgrade.

This is because I've completely rebuilt the sites from the base up so they will all run off the same coding, configuration files and databases. The difference between them will then be purely cosmetic so to change layout, only the styling files need to be updated.

I've been working hard on this aspect too and have developed a layout structure that allows me to load styling changes to all appropriate sites without conflicting with any individual custom settings e.g. colours, background images etc. which means that changing layouts will be easier and therefore cheaper (around £40).

This makes upgrading to version 5 a great investment in your site ensuring that you will always have the most up to date coding and features available while greatly reducing any costs involved to change layouts.

Available designs

I have extended the list of layouts that are available but I hope to be able to be able to upgrade all designs. If you want to upgrade while the offer is available but want to keep the same design and it's not in the list, then please let me know and I will confirm whether your layout will be able to be converted or not prior to you ordering.

Please let me know if you have any questions

SPECIAL OFFER - There have been lots of new features added since I last did an offer on the site upgrade so want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of this new version. Until the 21st April, you can get the site upgrade for just £145. Don't miss out!
Cost £145.00

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